Friday, May 04, 2012

Rob Ford:The Con Bully Strikes Again

When I read this story about Rob Ford's latest bully eruption.

Rob Ford is not denying Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale’s allegations that the Toronto Mayor charged at him with his fist raised during a Wednesday night confrontation on public property behind Ford’s home. When asked by the National Post if Dale’s story was true, Ford suggested he was so upset at the time he couldn’t quite remember his actions.

And heard from his latest victim.

I’m not at all ashamed to say it: on Wednesday evening, I was scared. And that’s because the mayor had me cornered indeed — after shouting at me, suddenly running at me with his fist in punching position, refusing to listen to my pleading explanations, then matching every attempt I made to sidestep him as if we were hapless shoppers in a grocery store aisle. He repeatedly demanded, still close, still menacing, his fist still raised, that I surrender my phone; he wouldn’t let me go until I did. Nobody else was in sight. Call me a wuss — and I know many of you are calling me a wuss — but this was frightening.

All I can say is Daniel, Daniel, I'm not calling you a wuss. I understand. The sight of Rob Ford charging through the undergrowth like a moose in heat is enough to frighten anyone. But why oh why couldn't you have taken just ONE in the kisser for all of us?

So the ghastly Con bully could have been charged with assault, and driven from office, before he destroys what's left of Toronto. 

And the thought that we came so close to doing that, but failed, is driving me CRAAAAAZY !!!!!

Although I must admit this does looks promising.

If Ford used force or intimidation to make Dale surrender his BlackBerry, then the phone would be considered property obtained by crime, Rusonik said. He explained the situation would be the same as if someone were to approach a woman on public property and demand that she hand over her purse.

Because let's face it eh? At this point ANYTHING will do. Crass is bad. Bigotry is worse.

But having a grotesque bully as the Mayor of Canada's largest and most diverse city is the absolute limit.

Almost as disgusting as having one as Prime Minister...

And he's Rob Ford's backdoor backyard buddy. So what DO you say to a Con thug like that?

Oh that's easy.

Rob, Rob, why did you call the police? When Daniel was the victim, you were the aggressor. And he was standing on public land.

Do you REALLY think you can get away with this?

Earlier Thursday, Mayor Ford demanded the Toronto Star remove Dale from the city hall beat and said he won’t talk to any other reporters if Dale is around. “I will not be talking to any reporters if he’s part of that scrum. They have to take him out of City Hall,” Ford said on The John Oakley Show on AM640 Thursday morning.

Because if you do, how long have you been suffering from Emperor Harper Complex (EHC)? And isn't it time you resigned and sought help?

And finally, since you will never be elected dogcatcher in this town again, have you ever considered running for the job of supervisor of a trailer park?

Because judging from the quality of the candidate in this one, you might actually win...

Or not. The people in that trailer park are obviously far too decent, and intelligent, to be members of the Ford Nation.

And as I always say eh?

Try as you might. A bully is a bully. There's nothing worse than that.

And you can't put lipstick on a Con hog....

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thwap said...

The stupid fuck is coming unglued. He reached too far. He really should have stayed as a know-nothing city councilor.