Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quebec and the Spirit of Resistance

A massive thunderstorm hit Montreal this evening. The heavens really opened up.

But that didn't stop thousands of people from parading through the streets, beating their pots and pans.

Even though in a city full of riot cops armed with a fascist bill, anything could happen.

More than 2,500 people have been arrested in a months-long dispute that has catapulted the province onto international news pages, which is at least five times the number jailed during the 1970 FLQ crisis that saw martial law declared in Quebec. 

And Jean Charest is refusing to scrap or modify the bill, so even more peaceful protesters could be kettled and arrested.

But tonight the marches ended peacefully, and despite the soggy weather there was a mood of celebration. The students are taking their battle to the courts. 

After dragging its heels for months, the Charest government appears ready to finally negotiate. As its support crumbles like a wet paper bag. 

And although Quebecers prefer to solve conflicts by consensual means, and the way this struggle has divided them is for many profoundly disturbing. And despite all the arrests and the pepper spray, the spirit of resistance is alive and well.

And all I can say is... oh boy how how lucky they are.

Standing up for a better society, fighting the corrupt Charest regime, like we should be fighting the corrupt Con regime in Ottawa.

Showing us the way out of submission and despair.

To resist is to live. And in the darkness of Harperland.

Never did a casserole symphony sound so beautiful...

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  1. Into the rest of Canada it will come - if only...need to bring some brooms to sweep the bastards out, more than piss will be needed to clean the streets if the Cons are allowed to continue.

    1. hi Zee...I hope you're right.It needs to come. Let Quebecers beat their pots and pans, and we'll wield our brooms !! ;)

  2. Any thoughts, Simon, on how we can export that spirit of resistance to the rest of Canada to fight Harper Inc.?

    1. hi Lorne...I honestly don't know, although I think about it every day. We're dealing with two different traditions here. The Quebecois are more like the Europeans. When they're angered by their governments they hit the streets. English Canadians, and I'm generalizing, tend to look down on demonstrations. But by making their protests so joyful and inclusive I hope Quebecers can inspire the rest of us. And since by now so many Canadians are starting to realize that we must purge this Con regime from power, I remain optimistic...

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Great video, hate the F**KING song so much though..

  4. Reports are the casserole protests continued tonight. Thousands marching up St-Laurent. We will change things. We must.

  5. hi anonymous...oh come on it wasn't that bad. However when I finally make my video, I promise to think of Harper and give it an angrier soundtrack.... ;)

  6. Well people have started translating tweets about #casseroles back and forth E>F F>E "We" got an encouagment tweet from Occupy Vancouver this morning!