Friday, May 11, 2012

Stephen Harper's Massive Meltdown

Well so much for all those carefully staged photo-ops of Great True North Leader surveying his frozen dominion. So much for his grand plans to assert our arctic sovereignty.

Six years after the Harper government declared the Arctic to be a new operations area for the Canadian military, the army has struggled to find enough parkas, cold-weather tents, lanterns and heaters to equip forces that take part in its annual summer exercise.

Can you believe that? We couldn't hold the Russians off for more than two days two hours because we don't have enough PARKAS? 

Golly. I guess the Americans were right.

A new WikiLeaks cable suggests the U.S. government views Stephen Harper's talk about Canadian Arctic sovereignty as little more than empty chest-thumping designed to win votes.

"The persistent high public profile which this government has accorded 'Northern Issues' and the Arctic is, however, unprecedented and reflects the PM's views that 'the North has never been more important to our country' — although one could perhaps paraphrase to state 'the North has never been more important to our Party.' "

Surprise. Surprise.

But then back in those days Harper had a different mission...

Convincing dumb Canadians that only if he had a glorious majority could he save them from the Russians. Who were coming, until they weren't. And only if he could spend billions on fancy jet planes we don't need, and can't afford.   

And it worked. Except for the planes. But now he has his majority.

And new marching orders...

Build a pipeline all the way to the Pacific Ocean. And crush Big Oil's opponents, by whatever means necessary.

And the good news?

Great Ugly Leader has new enemies...

And they're beating him like a drum.

A new poll suggests the New Democrats are widening their support across the country. The Canadian Press Harris Decima survey shows the NDP have 34 per cent of popular support, compared to 30 per cent for the Conservatives.

You know it's ironic eh? Stephen Harper claimed he was the North's best friend EVER. Even as he encouraged Dirty Oil to melt it. 

Environmental programs intended to curb health threats will have their budgets slashed by nearly 15 per cent over the next three years -- a move the Opposition says makes the Conservatives look "delusional."

And now he's the one who's MELTING.

Couldn't happen to a nicer maniac. 

Couldn't be a better movie...

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Anonymous said...

Now that it's a majority government, at least the military types will stop believing the photo-op rhetoric and start looking at how things really are, instead of comparing a Good Conservative Government myth with a Evil Liberal Government one.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I hope you're right. But the way the military brass has been shining Harper's buttons, and kissing his ass, I wonder. I think the Cons have corrupted the military like they have corrupted so many others in this country. All I can say is when we take over, all those military stooges are going to have to peel a lot of potatoes, and do a lot of push-ups...