Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quebec and the Not So Quiet Revolution

There was another amazing freedom party in Montreal tonight.

Thousands and thousands of people marched peacefully through the streets, beating pots and pans. Defying the police to arrest them for taking part in an illegal demonstration.

And what struck me the most apart from the incredible energy, was the diversity of the protesters. Now it's not just students, it's middle aged people, it's seniors, it's EVERYONE.

As one older guy tweeted "I've never felt so happy to be angry."

And when I saw that, and I saw how the kids were putting their skateboards to good use...

And I saw how the nuns at this well known sanctuary came out to cheer the protesters...

And how the protests are spreading.

It seems pretty obvious to me that those protests are now not just about tuition rates, or even defying a fascist bill. They are also about challenging the relationship between citizens and their government. 

And in that regard it's starting to look a lot like a peaceful revolution. 

Perhaps the most lasting effect of this movement will be to build stronger, more connected communities. Every day that it goes on, more of us meet in the street, build relationships and talk about what kind of a society we want. 

This is what Charest is afraid of. This is what keeps the powerful awake at night. If we talk, if we exchange ideas and debate the future of our society, we will want to change it. And nothing terrifies the powerful more than a change to the system which gives them their power.

Another Quiet Revolution.

Just a little a lot noisier.

And then I thought wouldn't it be amazing if in a corner of the dead forest called Harperland, a small red flower bloomed, spread its seeds in the wind, and made the whole forest come alive again?

But then Bambi hit me on the head with a pine cone, and I woke up.

Oh well. Some things are for sure eh?  

I don't know where they're going...

But I'm going with them.

And even if it spreads to the whole world, I'll never forget who started it.

Or where it started. Solidarité forever !!!

I love Montréal....

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mizdarlin said...

Thanks for sharing these images with me..some of them are so inspiring, especially those supportive nuns! I am not at all religious, but it shows the solidarity in Quebec is not a journalist's fantasy..I love Quebec! Wish the rest of the country had this passion for social justice...

fem_progress said...

Linking to you

e.a.f. said...

sitting here in B.C. & watching all of this you become aware the demos are about much more than tuition. It became the anti demo bill & then something more. I would suggest people just are tired & fed up with what governments in Canada are doing to its citizens & that the governments believe they can get away with it. That it is their right to pass these pieces of legislation. I believe the protesters are simply saying, we have had enough. stop pushing the envelope.

fem_progress said...