Saturday, March 03, 2012

The RoboCon Scandal: Now Can We Call Them Klowns?

Well I can only imagine the scene in the Con War Room tonight. The hum of shredders, the mumbled prayers, the muffled screams. The sight of Vic Toews dressed in a bloody butcher's apron.

As the hunt continues for those accused of the ultimate Con crime. No, not stealing an election.

The far more serious crime of making both Stephen Harper AND Dean Del Mastro look like blithering idiots. 

The prime minister and his parliamentary secretary, Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro, claimed in the Commons that the Liberals were the only party that used American calling firms.

“We’ve done some checking,” the PM said, and “we’ve only found that it was the Liberal Party that did source its phone calls from the United States.”

But documents show 14 Conservative campaigns enlisted the telephone services of an Ohio company called Front Porch Strategies.

Or Con klowns. Or WORSE.

A source connected to Front Porch tells CBC News that all the calls from Ohio to Del Mastro’s riding during the election were programmed to show the telephone number of his local campaign headquarters, masking the fact the phoning was being done from Ohio.

Front Porch’s calls to 13 other ridings on behalf of Conservative candidates operated in the same way, the source said.

But who can blame the Cons eh?

If nothing else, the role of Front Porch in the last election offers a rare glimpse into the ties between the Harper Conservatives and right-wing Republican political operatives south of the border.

For trying to cover up the fact that the only difference between the HarperCons and the RepubliCons is the name. And that the Harperites are about as Canadian as a three dollar bill.

Which leaves only these burning questions: Why did they lie in their pathetic effort to  smear the Liberals? Did they think we're idiots, and they were too smart to be caught?

While some party tactics have been the subject of serious debate, especially the "in-and-out" election spending debacle, stealing an election is a completely different matter. The Tories have worked too hard, and struggled for too long, to simply throw away their good name and reputation in one swift, selfish grab for the prize of a majority government.

Or did those creepy Cons make a terrible mistake. Forget that we're the smart ones, and they're the dummies?

And now they're just DESPERATE.

Hmmm... I tend to believe the latter. And I just LOVE our new slogan eh?

Call the RoboCon thugs who tried to steal an election what you will.

Just never ever call them Canadians...

And now we return you to the Con War Room.

For more exciting action...


Anonymous said...

Have you read sixthestate today.

Hopefully the MSM will start doing their jobs like all you bloggers are doing and get this information out to everyone in Canada.

sassy said...

And the more that comes out the more desperate they will become and thu,s the more outrageous their attempts at denial and deflection will become. I fully expect Harper and his crew to try and create some sort of *sky-is-falling* crisis very shortly. Watch for it, and don't let it distract us from the real issue.

@Anon at 06:48 - I so agree with you about what a great job bloggers are doing in their research and connecting the dots. Whomever finally ends up investigating this would do well to have a good read of these blogs as part of their research.

Oemissions said...

It's too bad that Evan/CBC interrupted the DDM: better to let him bluster on and then comment

Anonymous said...

Harper also had campaigned over a Calgary radio station, on election day. I thought was against the Canadian election regulations?

I wondered about the robocalls, out of the U.S. Harper did have a convicted American felon working for him. Felon Bruce Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend, were guests in Harper's home.

I agree!!! Thanks to the bloggers, we owe them a debt of gratitude for their many, many hours of research they put in, for the benefit of all people like me, who are politically challenged.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...the Sixth Estate is doing a wonderful job, as are other progressive bloggers like Agatha, I mean Alison at Creekside, Dammit Janet, the Galloping Beaver, and so many others. Now is the time for all decent Canadians to come to the aid of their country...

Simon said...

hi sassy...yes I don't doubt that the Cons are so desperate they're capable of anything. They're already leaking their plans to mutilate the CBC, hoping to change the channel. If they could start a war with Iran to distract Canadians I haven't the slightest doubt they would do it. But I don't think it will work. I've never seen so many Canadians so angry, and sooner of later the Cons are going to pay for it...

Simon said...

hi be fair Solomon did a pretty good job of nailing the Deanster on the American polling companies, when he tried to avoid the question over and over again. But you're right,the more Del Mastro the better. As I said in a recent post, aren't we lucky Del Mastro is the Con meat puppet on this issue. The God of Justice and Lotto Tickets must surely be with us... ;)

Anonymous said...

You'll have to excuse Del Mastro....he's from Peterborough and doesn't know any better.