Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Robot Speaker and the RoboCon Scandal

As you know I've had my doubts about Andrew Scheer, the Speaker of the House, ever since he ruled that Vic Toews' parliamentary privileges had been violated by Anonymous. 

Boo hoo zombie.

After ruling last December that the disgusting misleading phone call campaign aimed at Irwin Cotler did not violate HIS privileges.

And this doesn't help. 

The political machine behind the man who is now Speaker of the House of Commons opened its wallet for the Guelph Conservative campaign currently under scrutiny by Election Canada’s robo-calls probe, records at the watchdog agency show.

Not after these interventions.

Mr. Scheer has intervened at times in Question Period to ensure that discussions focus on the government’s response to the controversy, and not partisan matters.For example, on March 8, the Speaker stepped in after NDP MP Chris Charlton quizzed Conservative MPs about some of their campaign spending on call centres.

“I would like to remind members that their questions have to touch on the administrative responsibilities of government, not political financing,” Mr. Scheer said as he enforced parliamentary rules.

And I must say I find his reason for sending money to the Burke campaign rather dubious.

The Speaker’s spokeswoman said Mr. Scheer, who sits on the board of his Saskatchewan riding association, wanted to help out Mr. Burke.

“He says that the candidate [Burke] was originally from Regina. His mother still lives in the riding. He has volunteered for Scheer before,” Heather Bradley said.

Especially since the only other campaign he supported was the campaign of Władysław Lizon. Who happens to have received this rating. Just like Marty Burke.

Scheer is also a member of the fetus fetishist club.

And Lizon's riding is one of the robocall ridings. Interesting eh?

So all I can say is, the next time the robocall issue, or the abortion issue, comes up in Parliament, the robot speaker should abstain.

Restrict himself to what he clearly does best...

Or just change his batteries. 

And play a different song...


Dave said...

Not abstain. He should recuse himself.

Simon said...

hi Dave...thanks for the clarification. Now could you and your excellent squad of investigators at the Galloping Beaver put the RoboCon scandal through the grid of religious fanaticism. I'm afraid I don't have the time to do that, but I am really curious...

Dave said...

Good idea! Let's see what comes through the sifter.

Anonymous said...

now that you mention it, Andrew Prescott, one of the central figures in the Guelph campaign, is a boring again @ChristianConservativ (his twitter handle)

T. Ninja said...

You only started being suspicious of Scheer *then*? Forgive me. I guess it's not common knowledge that ol' Andy has spent over decade on the Hill, starting as a staffer for CRAP MP Larry Spencer. He was also heavily involved in several provincial PC campaigns.

He later insinuated himself into the Office of the then-Leader of the Opposition, the "Honourable" Stockwell Day. Oh, there was a brief stint at an insurance company in Regina before that. Work likely wasn't involved.

Did I mention Andy dropped out of U of O IN HIS FINAL YEAR? Only a special kind of cunt can throw away tens of thousands of dollars on a whim, but I guess daddy (former Ottawa Citizen columnist James Scheer) could afford it, eh?

So to recap:

1. Pissed away a pricey university education to be a Reform-A-Tory asslicker.

2. He has been employed outside of politics for a grand total of six months. Notice I didn't say "worked".

3. Brown-nosed his way up from Tory coffee-getter to candidate in a safe-after-gerrymandering Tory riding.

4. Is now the final arbiter of fairness in our nation's legislative assembly.

Houston, we have a problem...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...Lordy. Now I'm afraid that Pierre Poutine is really the killer albino from the Da Vinci Code. Come to think of it he would make a good Con... ;)

Simon said...

hi T Ninja...thanks for the info. I must say I had never heard of him before he became Speaker. But now that I know his squalid background I'm even more outraged... :)

Mogs said...

Obviously to rise to power in the harper regime:

1) you should disdain work and workers.
2) criminal connections help
3) be really quick at lying
4) you're in