Friday, March 23, 2012

The NDP and the Nightmare in Harperland

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I was thinking the other day, as a thick fog hid Toronto from view, that ever since I arrived in this city, it's like a curse has been hanging over me.

The Nightmare in Harperland.The G20 police state in my backyard, the death of Jack Layton, the crushed dreams of Occupy Toronto, the horror of Rob Ford. 

I mean really...

This city owes me eh?

But then this evening I saw that they were painting my neighbourhood orange.

And all was forgiven. 

For I never thought I would get to witness such a historic moment. The NDP not only preparing to choose a leader. But maybe even preparing to form a government. 

A new poll by Nanos Research suggests that half of all Canadians now agree that a New Democrat government would be good for Canada. About a third never want to see such a thing, and a fifth are unsure. An Environics poll this week has the party tied for first place with the Conservatives. Rarely, if ever, have prospects for New Democrats been so promising.

You know I believe with all my heart that Thomas Mulcair should be the new leader. And that rejecting him would be a terrible mistake. Not only for the NDP but also for the country.

But tonight I just want to celebrate this:

“There is a huge opportunity presenting itself to the NDP,” said Stephen Lewis, who chairs his own international AIDS foundation and once led the Ontario New Democrats. “This is potentially the NDP’s moment in history and in Canada.”

And just say Jack would be happy...

To see his party so close to forming a government.

And even in the darkness of Harper's Canada.

Hope still lives...

So vote carefully. Choose wisely. Seize the moment. Don't let it slip away. Not now when we are so close.

OK. Now ask me if I'm ready for a big progressive party eh?

Or ready to start saving my country from the nightmare of Harperland.

Are you ready to start Simon?

Oh boy am I EVAH...


Just Call Me Rick said...

Thanks for the good news poll Simon.

You can bet the con war room already has the first attack ad ready for Mulcair to air on Monday. It isn't going to be pretty. If he flipped the bird to his 4th grade teacher, it'll be there.

At least Mulcair won't fight like a typical lefty- he'll be able to give as good as he gets.

Anonymous said...

I think the NDP are a strong unit that will work together, no matter who wins.

I would love to see the NDP leader, to be able to chew Harper up and spit him out in small pieces. If Mulcair is that person, good for him and I hope he wins.