Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Questions for Pierre Poutine

Golly. I see the identity of the elusive  Scarlet Pimpernel Blue Poutine is about to be revealed.

The news that Elections Canada investigators are aware of the IP address that “Pierre Poutine” used to set up the Guelph, Ont., robocall account has convinced a suspect to step forward and accept responsibility for the deceptive calls, sources say.

And before him/her/them goes to the guillotine Senate, I'd like to ask these questions. 

(1) Who paid for those calls? And where are the receipts?

(2) Who wrote all those scripts?

“Where did he get the script?” the source said. “He didn’t come up with the same script in 30 ridings.”

(3) Who gave him/her/them the password? 

Anyone who wanted to make robocalls sending Liberal and NDP voters to the wrong polling station, similar to the ones received by Liberal supporters in Guelph, would likely need CIMS to identify and then contact them. But CIMS is tightly held by the party, with access password protected.

(4) How many Blue Poutines are there?

(5) Before we throw you in jail do you mind if we drag you before a Parliamentary committee?

Because if the crazed Con zombie Vic Toews can get his jollies.

Toews has responded with unparalleled moral outrage. He asked the Speaker to find that his parliamentary privileges were violated by the @Vikileaks campaign and by the Anonymous threats. He had his personal lawyer persuade a Manitoba judge to release a private list of those people who accessed his divorce file. He has asked a parliamentary committee to investigate the @Vikileaks episode and the videos. All this from a man who has demonstrated no limits when it comes to bashing his opponents. Toews has accused opposition MPs of sympathizing with pedophiles, rapists and child pornographers. There is no debate with Vic; you are either with him, or you are a sociopathic, perverted deviant.

Why can't we?

And of course the biggest question of all: Who's your DADDY?

Of course, I also have a question for myself eh?

How many bags of popcorn will I need to properly enjoy the show?

Because unless it turns out to be this guy...

Which is entirely possible, since Cons and dummies go together like french fries and gravy.

It should be quite a show. 

Oh goody. I need a break from the relentless grimness of Con Canada.

Wind up the Blue Poutine little rat.

I want to play with it...


Anonymous said...

So do we have our fall guy? Will the Crime Minister protect him like he's provided protection to the rest of the Cons that broke the law in service of the party?

thwap said...

Don't get your hopes up about anything major coming out of the Pierre Poutine fall-guy. Our system will fail us and we will do nothing about it. Harper's blatant, obvious lies will be accepted at face value.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...knowing Harper first he will deny knowing him, then he'll claim he was inspired by the Liberals, and after a few years,if he keeps his mouth shut, he'll make him a Senator. For he can say he's not a crook, but I don't believe him...

Simon said...

hi I won't get my hopes up, after all I've seen and blogged about, hope is a scarce commodity. But I won't give up either. I have to believe in a better future or I could not keep on going...

sassy said...

Here's a scary thought.

Pierre Poutine's (real) name could very well be on the ballot of the next election and we'll not be the wiser.