Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hercule Poirot and the RoboCop Investigation

Mon Dieu. I see that Jeffrey Simpson wishes that Hercule Poirot was handling The Case of the RoboCon Calls and the Stolen Election. 

Where’s Hercule Poirot when we need him? The victims – defeated opposition party candidates – are known. The weapons – computerized telephone calls designed to infuriate voters – have been indentified. But whose hand, my dear Poirot, was wrapped around the knife?

Clearly, someone with an inordinately shrewd knowledge of individual candidates from the opposition parties did the deed. Calls were of a particular nature, depending on the riding, hinting at things related to an opposition party candidate. This kind of information doesn’t come from a telephone directory.

And like him I wonder whether Elections Canada and the police are up to the job of probing the Cons, like Vic Toews would like to probe us. For they have taken their time in starting an investigation, and stories like this one are troubling.

For that makes it sound like the RoboCops are investigating the RoboCons, and that can't be good eh?

But on the other hand this is a promising development. 

Lamothe’s interviews led to a search warrant and raid on party headquarters, Elections Act charges against the party and four senior officials, and a war of words between the governing Conservatives and the elections watchdog that lasted nearly four years.

For thanks to Inspector Lamothe I now have this photograph of that police raid hanging on a wall in my tree house...

And to my eyes at least, it's more beautiful than a Rembrandt.

Also remember that if this is a conspiracy, and I don't doubt it is, if you pull on one thread the whole ball of wool could unravel, and lead to the hidden hand.

There are also the sleuths in the MSM, who are desperate to recover from the shock of being scooped by Postmedia. And the ones on the internet.

But the most important thing we can do as ordinary citizens is rise up as these Canadians are doing.

For it's only by taking to the streets to show our anger and our outrage, than we can try to force a full public inquiry, which is what this scandal needs. As well as keep the pressure on the Cons, so we can eventually defeat them.

Finally, because it's important to keep our spirits up in this dark time, I just want to say I'm no sleuth eh?

I'm too distracted, too impatient, and too lazy to follow a trail anywhere but to the fridge.

But I can smell the stench of Con corruption. I know that they must be trembling in their boots, and that the longer this goes on, the more their brand is being fatally damaged.

I can smell the blood in the water.

It smells like dinner eh?

And I love that so much.

I'm celebrating already....

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Anonymous said...

And to think, when they got their majority, I was seriously reconsidering whether or not I wanted to live in Canada anymore...

...without any intention of moving.