Monday, March 05, 2012

The Robo-Call Cons: When the Stupidity Burns

Holy Bossa Nostra. I didn't think that Dean Del Mastro could be more of a Con buffoon than he already was. But I guess I should have known better. 

Dean Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, stood repeatedly in House of Commons Monday to answer questions from opposition MPs who accuse the Conservatives of making calls to suppress votes for other parties. Over and over again, Mr. Del Mastro blamed the Liberals for the calls.

But when asked later by reporters if the Conservatives were prepared to release their own records, Mr. Del Mastro said: “No, because obviously our party is not behind the calls. We know that. We believe the Liberal Party has in fact made these allegations and they’ve made these allegations knowing full well that they’ve paid these companies millions of dollars to makes calls to hundreds of thousands of households across the country.”

Now can we call him Big Bubbah? 

Oh definitely. In fact I would even dedicate this song to him:

When the Big Lie hits your eye like a big pizza pie it's Del Mastro...

Gawd. I like it. But what do we call him ?

A maverick Conservative MP has taken a new tack in the robo-call affair, pointing a finger of blame at Elections Canada for sloppy voter lists.

A Con wingnut or a rogue idiot?

And who will the Cons blame next?

Until now, most Conservative MPs and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have suggested that alleged misdirections of voters were either the work of a lone, or rogue political operatives; or the work of the Liberal party as part of some deliberate smear campaign; or the result of honest, inadvertent errors made by sincere get-out-the-vote calls that were tripped up by Elections Canada having made changes to some 127 polling locations.

Golly. You don't think they are deliberately trying to muddy the waters? 

The Conservative party asked for the location of all polling stations and then contacted voters about where to find them during last year’s federal campaign, despite a request they not do so by Elections Canada for fear of muddying the election-day waters.

Do they really think Canadians are IDIOTS?

Oh probably.

Stupidity burns both ways.

But what are they hoping to achieve Simon?

Oh that's easy. One, two, three, we all stand up.

One, two, three, we all fall down...

Oh noooooooo...

But will it work?

Hmmmm...I doubt it.

If you hold that graph up sideways it looks like V for VICTORY.

If we keep muddying the Con brand. And the police don't arrest them first.

The stupidity may burn eh?

But sooner or later we will destroy them...


Anonymous said...

When I realized he's from Peterborough it sure explained a hell of a lot.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out who's worse...del Masto, Poilievre or Anders. It's a toss up!

sassy said...

Liberals will release election phone records

Your move now ReformConRobos.

Dave said...

Anon, you left out MacKay, but I fully understand. He's gone into hiding.

Omar said...

That's the second or third time I've seen you disparage Peterborough, Ontario. Care to offer any explanations and/or insights as to why, Mr I-Work-and-Live-in-the-Biggest-Hellhole-in-the-Nation?

Anonymous said...'s Peterborough....I'm not sure exactly what there is to explain.

Anonymous said...

If you mean Fort McMurray, I didn't realize you had been up here before. Who knew they had opera here huh? I'm more of a nature lover myself though. Sure the river valley is nice and there's the Birchwood Trail of course. Personally I love the trails in behind Abasand. Crane Lake is awesome in the spring too if you can get out to it.

Nah, we love Peterpatch. Growing up near there it just seemed to get a bad rep. Once I spent time there and got to know the place rather than just rely on what other people told me I discovered what a great place it is.....actually, I've bumped into quite a few people from Peterborough here. Always nice to get a little taste of my home territory.