Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christian Paradis and the Kafka Cons

OK. So let me get this straight. The Con stooge Christian Paradis is stumbling though an ethical mine field.

The opposition is calling for a fresh ethics probe following new allegations about the conduct of federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis.

The call comes less than a week after Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found Paradis had broken government rules by granting privileged access to former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer's business interests.

Stepping on one mine after the other.

In addition to the new allegations, Dawson confirmed she's already opened an additional inquiry into the matter of federal government offices being moved into a building owned by Paradis's father's business partner in Thetford Mines, which is in Paradis's riding, from Rimouski.

And making Stephen Harper look like an idiot. Or a greasy mobster. 

But who does the Ethics Committee want to question?  Wait for it.... the Vikileaks guy.

And why? Answer: Because Vic Toews wants to feel his pain...

Even though Carroll has committed no crime, has apologized for his actions, and no longer works for the Liberals.

Mein Gott. I realize that Toews was born in a jungle colony in Paraguay. And that he is a brutish Con, a vindictive bastard, a horny old hypocrite, and has probably gone off the deep end.

But is this Orwell or is it Kafka? And why would Carroll even bother to appear  before this monkey court?

Oh well, if he does decide to go, I wonder if he could do me a favour?

Before Vicky gets a woody and the committee room has to be cleared in the name of human decency, would he mind asking the old Con these questions?

One, why is he telling anyone who will listen that he has no intention of changing the infamous internet snooping bill? After giving Canadians the impression that it was all but dead in the water. Or that he was open to amendments.

And two, how old was the babysitter when he first porked her? 

Because if this McCarthy-like circus goes ahead, it might as well serve SOME purpose eh?

Which reminds me...if Stephen Harper is feeling a bit nervous about having the buffoon Dean Del Mastro handle the robocall file.

For obvious reasons...

How do you think he feels about having Toews handle the internet snooping bill? 

The one he needs so he can intimidate the opposition, muzzle the internet, turn us into a fascist oil state, and finally achieve TOTAL CONTROL? 

When Toews is running around like a Paraguayan prisongrupper, using the police to track down his internet opponents, and sending out weird tweets and e-mails late at night. 

Even though he's the Minister of Public Safety, and Harper has to try to fool Canadians into thinking the Cons don't want to read our e-mails.

Well I don't know eh? Because when Orwell meets Kafka every horror is possible. But from reports filtering out of the Con War Room.

I understand Great Ugly Leader is taking it rather badly...

But of course now Vic is saying we don't need any amendments, and I still can't decide whether this foul Con regime is Orwell or Kafka. Or a horrible mixture of both.

But I do know it's ethically challenged, morally corrupt, and deadly dangerous. They really do want to read our e-mails.

And if we don't unite to stop them, we will wake up in a horrible place, old Vic will have his way with us.

And we will live in pain FOREVER...


Kim said...

Thank you Simon. I always enjoy your posts, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Harper is an idiot.

Simon said...

hi Kim...thank you, I'm glad you liked that post. To be honest I was so tired when I wrote it, I wasn't sure it even made sense. ;)
But I had to say something about the way the Cons are abusing their power by dragging Adam Carroll before a kangaroo court, for absolutely no legal reason. I they can get away with that goodness knows what else they might do...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well that's one way of summing it up succinctly. Of course with just three more words "Toews is crazy" you can cover all bases... ;)