Friday, March 09, 2012

John Baird's Absurd Democracy Lesson

Well I see that John Baird's Screaming Buffoon World Tour has arrived in Burma. Only to have the stench of hypocrisy follow him all the way there.

Canada will be monitoring Burma's elections next month with a keen hope to see reform amid allegations of voting "irregularities," Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Thursday, on a historic visit to the isolationist country.

And make what Aung San Suu Ky said sound disturbingly familiar...

"We have just discovered there are many, many irregularities on the voters' lists, and we have applied to the election commission to do something about this," she said."A lot of dead people seem to be prepared to vote on the first of April. We can't have that, can we? And other things like that."

And what Baird said sound totally ridiculous. 

"They won't be perfect elections, but will they be fair, open and transparent? The whole world will be watching, as will Canada," he added.

So now I'm thinking eh? Where was the world when Canadians went to the polls?And can they please please please send international observers to Eglinton Lawrence?

Eglinton-Lawrence resident Marsha Sands said she personally received a rude and misleading phone call from a female caller who claimed to be calling from Liberal headquarters.

Trouble was, Sands took the call as she sat in Liberal headquarters as a volunteer for the Volpe campaign. After she tried to find out who was really calling — from a U.S. number — the caller said she was with a research company and hung up.

Because who needs corrupt Burmese generals eh? When we've got the corrupt Cons?

Gawd. What's next for Bairdy's Screaming Buffoon Tour I wonder?

No doubt a stop in Kazakhstan where he can tell the ruling dictator that if he wants to improve his image.

He probably shouldn't shoot the guy who played La Vida Loca, instead of the national anthem...

Or is that Canada eh?

Because honestly these days it's hard to tell.

You know when the Cons are sentenced to long prison terms for their crimes against Canada. I want them to serve an extra ten years each for making this country look like a Banana Republic.

And embarrassing us in the eyes of the world...


Anonymous said...

But they have a STRONG MANDATE

Anonymous said...

Baird was just following in Clinton's footsteps.

Simon said...

hi anonymous... Who are you talking about the Burmese generals or the Harperites? Because the last time I checked they were hovering just above thirty percent, and hopefully falling. Still enough to govern the country but not enough to change it beyond recognition...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well if Baird insists on following in Clinton's footsteps he should at least dress for the occasion and wear high heels... ;)