Thursday, March 22, 2012

The NDP and the Arrival of Spring

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What with the fog hanging over the island, and the usual run of depressing stories, it hasn't been too easy to write about politics in Harperland this week. Or even celebrate the arrival of Spring.

But isn't it great to see the Con fluffer John Ibbitson begin his day with this story? 

There is a reason the Conservative Party launched an attack ad against Bob Rae on the same week as the NDP leadership convention.

The Conservatives are convinced Mr. Rae will lead the Liberal Party into the next election–an increasingly safe assumption. And they fear him more than they fear whomever the New Democrats choose on Saturday.

Trying his best to make Harper's grotesque attack ad against  Rae sound rational, and the NDP appear doomed.

Only to end his day having to write this one? 

The New Democrats will begin their leadership convention on Friday with a remarkable wind filling their sails. For the first time in 25 years, the polling firm Environics has them in first place, tied with the Conservatives.

The Liberals are in third place with 20-per-cent support, up one point from election day.

Which makes Stephen Harper look like a maniac. Ibbitson look like a fool.

And the sweet fighting granny Nycole Turmel look like a genius.

“When Jack passed away, the same people said the NDP had no future. But we got to work and we proved them wrong,” she said.

Boy did she ever.

Can you imagine what the NDP might do once it gets a permanent leader? Can you imagine what the NDP and the Liberals might do TOGETHER ?

Golly. Did I tell you the fog finally lifted?

And my little world seems suddenly brighter. If that's possible in Harperland.

Woohoo !!!! 

The Cons are up the creek without a paddle eh?

Or sinking like a stone.

The crocuses are blooming.

And Spring can finally begin...

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Oemissions said...

A Canadian Spring,eh!