Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Nuremberg Moment

Well it wasn't exactly a Nuremberg rally. Just a bunch of sweaty Cons packed into an Ottawa hotel, squealing for their leader.

Harper, Harper, Harper.

But if you had been at Nuremberg, there probably would have been some familiar moments.

Like when Great Strong Leader ranted and raved about law and order, or how the Versailles Treaty  the Weimar Republic  the Liberals had weakened and humiliated our military. Because you know they're TRAITORS, stabbing Canada in the back.

Or when he squinted through his Himmler glasses, and delivered these priceless lines:

Referring to legislation still before Parliament, he promised to do more because Canadians shouldn’t have to worry “when they turn off the lights at night,” or “look over their shoulders as they walk down the street.”

When that kind of crazy talk is the staple of every fascist dictator from Mussolini to Mugabe. And he is the one who is paralyzing Canadians with FEAR.

But for me the most memorable Nuremberg moment came when he bragged about including Remembrance Day in the Canadian Citizenship Guide. Because you know the Liberals didn't do that because they aren't Canadians.

They're foreigners, Russians, or UNTERMENSCH.

But forgot to mention that Jason Kenney had personally deleted any mention of gay rights from the Conada Guide. 

Erased them. Disappeared them. Wiped them out. Even though doing that could KILL gay people.

And this on a day when the brutish homophobia of the Cons was exposed. Again.

You know I try to measure my words as carefully as I can. But when you discriminate against more than a million Canadians just because of who they are, you deserve to be called a bigot, a fascist, or WORSE.

And can you imagine what this deranged right-wing extremist might do if he ever gets a majority? First they came for the Juden faggots, and then they came for the liberated women, the scientists, the secular teachers, the criminal coddling judges and all the others.

Oh boy. When I look at progressives in this country, paralyzed by weakness and division, I despair. For unless we unite we shall not defeat this EVIL.

Of course, gay people will resist. Even if we have to fight them alone. We have no choice.

It's our lives and the lives of those we love.

The lights are going out in Canada.

And the darkness is upon us...

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  1. It seems that all Western countries are on the same way of political stagnation. No alternative at sight. ANy alternatives there could rise have no strength and are beasten by the big parties that control media.

  2. Was there any body who attended the rally who did so voluntarily, that is, their job or livelihood does not depend upon their showing up to support Stevie Spiteful?

    Yeah, didn't think so. Even his kids need a roof over their heads.

  3. hi Atreides...I'm afraid you're right. From Europe to the United States to Canada it's all starting to look like a conspiracy to me.
    To make matters worse in this country we have a media controlled by a handful of companies, they all sing out of the same songbook, and the reporters who work for them know which side their bread is buttered on. So as a result we have the political stagnation you talk about, and all we ever do is go round and round and round...

  4. hi you I wondered where those people came from, especially when they started chanting "Five more years."
    I'm sure there are many civil servants and other people who know that attending a Harper rally will help their careers, or save their jobs. After five years of Con government the rot is spreading, and it will only be stopped when we throw the bastards out... :)

  5. Anonymous8:07 PM

    you sound like a whiny minority that wishes everyone to kiss your butt. put this in your blog.