Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pope Benny and the Anglican Fish

Well I'm a bit late on this one, but I see Pope Benny has decided to go fishing for Anglican bigots.

Although his flunkeys insist he isn't poaching.

Cardinal Walter Kasper, said "full visible unity" with Anglicans was Rome's long-term goal. "We are not fishing in the Anglican pond," he insisted.


Now look ....I understand why Der Popen needs to hook those fishy Anglicans. Do you think it's easy paying these bills?

What do you expect poor Benny to do? Sell his Prada shoes ...or turn the Sistine Chapel into a seafood restaurant? With a lobster tank where the altar was, and a brand new ceiling...

So the more fish the MERRIER.

But what I don't understand is why those Anglican bigots would join the Catholic Church.

When according to this new movie the Mormons are even MORE homophobic...

Golly. Isn't that scary? Are those Mormon leaders...or the Sopranos in funny pyjamas?When they catch fish do they wrap them in newspapers and send them to their enemies?

Or is it just that feesh of a feather flock swim together? In the bigot sewers of the world.


If my Mum wasn't a good Christian and a decent Anglican.

I'd tell them where to SHOVE it...


Oemissions said...

And God said: let there be gays.
And there were.

Anonymous said...

Any Anglicans who want to leave will do so and we'll be a little poorer for it.

If they leave, they'll enter an Amway-type world of unreality cloaked up as religion. A little world closed in on itself knowable only to a very few outsiders--usually survivors and other escapees.

Idolatry. Superstition. Mythology.
Statuary. Confession.

But, what do I know. Ask a professional Catholic. Ask Michael Coren. If he's an example
of the faith, then people will stay away. Then there's Fred Henry, Bishop of Calgary. He's enough to drive away everybody.

I'll stay in the real world and be quite happy with the latitude the Anglican Church affords me.

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...yes least that's what he told me... ;)

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...well I'm not sure the Anglicans will lose from these departures. My Mum believes it will make her church a better and more Christian place.
Or as she put it, in unusually strong language, good riddance to bad rubbish...