Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Harper Porkers and the Swine Flu

When you hear the oinking and grunting of the Con porkers mocking Liberal M.P. Carolyn Bennett...

When you hear them laughing at the swine flu even as Canadians die.

When you read about how they are bullying women.

The sexist jeering and catcalling from the government bench is getting out of hand, opposition leaders charged during today’s Question Period.

NDP Leader Jack Layton, meanwhile, said the “abuse is growing hotter, it is growing more frequent and there is more bullying.” He said women, in particular, are being targeted.

When you remember how these Cons spent FIVE times as much promoting their Porky Action Plan than they did educating Canadians about H1N1. Trying to BUY themselves a majority with our money. Putting their hideous ideology before the health and safety of Canadians.

And how we're all paying for it now

With emergency rooms swamped with screaming children, panicky parents, and exhausted staff.

And how when these Cons are challenged they just laugh, howl like hyenas, and mock women members of Parliament.

Oh know when you think about all of the above you can only reach two conclusions eh?

One.... we REALLY need to defeat these Cons. Our lives may depend on it.

And two...oink oink.

They don't call them porkers for nothing....


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that such a knowledgable and thoughtful MP would be shouted down by the opposition during a time of a "semi-manufactured" crisis.

I say that because of the clumsy way the conservatives have handled the entire situation regarding

If anything, they should be paying close attention to anything that Dr. Bennett has to say or ask about the present day situation.

Yes, the conservatives are pigs and there's the knackers' yard coming up with the next election.

Let's work to sharpen the kanckers' blades and set this country back to its rightful place in the world.

Anonymous said...

Pregnant Women are a special interest group that don’t represent the general public, isn't that how the thinking goes within their sexist circle?

We needed a national strategy yesterday, or last year actually. We know only Alpha Males win according to them, brawn vs brainss I think we're back into Coalition territory to beat them down. ABC doesn't work and the window is closing mighty fast despite partisan rah-rah shite.

Does anybody honestly think a change in Liberal admin is going to do it this spring?

Jason said...

These guys make me sick. They don't even show women respect. How the heck did they get into power?

CK said...

you'd think that Stevie and the Harpercons being prolifers and would criminalize abortion the first chance they got may actually pay attention to Carolyn Bennett's concerns over an untested vaccine on Pregnant women.

Funny, Carolyn Bennett the doctor expresses concerns over an untested vaccine and rightfully so.

Leona Agluquack (I had another more gross name for her), who not only has no medical background or even a universtity degree (I researched her bio and found no evidence of university education) says the damned thing is safe.

Agluquack is what bimbo Rona Ambrose was as environment minister way back when; nothing more than Stevie's useful (or useless) idiot & shows that health care is not an important department for Stevie.

I don't know, call me crazy, I will pay more attention to the concerned doctor, thank you.

I'm being pressured from my work to get the shot (I work in social services) and all the health and safety department can say is the usual line: it's safe. Yah, right! What makes them say that something untested is safe?? We'll see whether my employer or I win.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...I am very much afraid that the Cons feel that their plan to BUY themselves a majority with OUR money is succeeding, so they are cocky enough to behave like the ReformCon hogs they are.
I heard Rob Russo on the CBC today say that the cameras in the House should show the hecklers, because that would shut them up.
And I think that's a great idea because these Con porkers have turned our Parliament into a pig sty...

Simon said...

Hi Toe... I have ALWAYS been in favour of a Coalition. I thinks it's the future, and the only way to beat these hideous misogynistic Cons.
The fact that they are picking on women in the House of Commons makes my blood boil.
They have mishandled the whole flu crisis right from the beginning, and now they're mocking people for asking serious questions about the safety of pregnant women?
How low can they go? And how soon can we get rid of them? Because it can't be soon enough...

Simon said...

hi Jason...yes don't forget one of the first things these Cons did when they came to power was order civil servants to remove every single reference to "women's equality" in the Status of Women statutes. After that I didn't need to know anymore... I knew they were NUTS... :)

Simon said...

hi CK...I know you are worried about the safety of the vaccine. And it's understandable... particularly if you are pregnant.
But there is no reason to believe this vaccine is unsafe. No link has ever been established to any condition or disease. Apart from those who develop and allergic reaction because they are allergic to eggs. The WHO has just declared that even the vaccines with the adjuvants in them are safe for pregnant women.
If the Conservatives had explained all this with a massive public education campaign we wouldn't be in this situation. It's up to you to take or not take the vaccine. But if you don't, try to take every precaution not to contract the flu, because it can be very unpleasant. And should this virus mutate into something more deadly, those who have taken the vaccine will at least have some protection.
And BTW...after may call me Dr Simon. I'm not of course, but these days, everyone's an expert... :)