Monday, October 26, 2009

Michael Ignatieff and the Missing Message

Golly. I just found out that Michael Ignatieff was in my neighbourhood this weekend, talking about his new book.

And I can't BELIEVE I missed a chance to hear him talk about Russian history, ask him why everybody in this country writes about the past rather than the future.

"We're a serious country. We take ourselves seriously. We've done serious things, tough things...You can't have faith in your future if you don't have faith in your past."

Whether he believes that being too serious might be boring. Yawn. And of course whether he thinks it's time we put on our life jackets. Because I got that sinking feeling.

I'd also ask him why an intelligent man like him can't seem to communicate with ordinary people. And suggest that he visit my university and learn how to craft a simple message.

Like this one:

Harper hates medicare.
We LOVE it.

or this one

Harper's oil pimps

or this one...for those under 30.

Don't jail kids
Just legalize marijuana.

Because even a simple message is better than nothing eh?

Oh well I'm sure he wouldn't listen to me anyway. And he definitely wouldn't like my favourite message.

Unite the Left.
Crush the Cons.

Nobody likes that simple message. But one day they'll wonder why it took them so long.

In the meantime...put on your life jackets everyone.

And get ready for Harper's World....

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CK said...

I give up. Simon, I think it's time to for the Liberals to find a way to cut Iggy loose. In spite of his latest efforts like loosening up on triggering an election and serving Turkey n' trimmings to the homeless and story time with pre-schoolers, his latest numbers prove to be even lower than those of Stephane Dion ever were.
Harpercons had the checquegate scandal and in spite of the press and the blogging communities trying to get it out, their numbers haven't really suffered.
Conclusion: time to cut Iggy loose.