Monday, October 05, 2009

Religion and the Madness that Kills

I try not to blog too much about the madness called religion, because it bothers me in so many ways.

Sometimes it makes me shake my head.

They knew he was probably a pervert, and they put him in charge of dealing with the victims? Huh?

Sometimes it makes me shake my head ...... and laugh.

During the twenty minute early hours chase - which was described in court as "like something from a Hollywood movie" two police cars crashed and three police left injured.

When he eventually stopped he told stunned officers:"You have no idea who I am. You don't know who you are messing with," not before he had tried to drive his car at them.

And he's a Master of Ceremonies at the Vatican? What kind of ceremonies does he organize?

Then there's the stuff that just makes me angry. Like the religious fanatic who killed five U.N workers today.

For the crime of feeding the hungry.

And then there's this horrifying story

Shia and Sunni clerics started to preach in their Friday sermons about the evils of homosexuality and “the people of Lot.” Police officers stepped up their harassment of openly gay men. Families and tribes cast out their gay relatives. The bodies of gay men like Mazen and Namir, often mutilated, began turning up on the street. There is no way to verify the number of tortured or harassed, but the best available estimates place that figure in the thousands. Hundreds of men are believed to have been killed.

That just makes me wish for a religion-free world.

I know there a lot of good religious people.

But who will save us from this madness?


CK said...

I don't know if you ever caught Frank Schaeffer, a former member of the far right Evangelical Christian movement, on the Rachel Maddow show sometime ago. He is asking a similar question: who will rescue Christianity from Christians?

Alexander Raymond said...

Wow, I share your anger. I've started to post something a few times, but can't seem capture the sense of my utter frustration and disgust in words.

The hypocrisy!

Simon said...

hi I haven't, I watch very little TV. But the question is a good one.
Somebody better save them soon because some of them really NEED... :)

Simon said...

hi Ray...I don't even know if it's anger anymore. Just generalized despair about the ignorance and the brutality...and the stranglehold bad religion seems to have on humans.
All I can do is raise my voice in protest, and do what I can to let people know what these hypocritical and inhuman fanatics are up to...
You should write down your anger though I've found it helps... :)

P.S. nice blog...