Friday, October 02, 2009

The Olympics and my Beautiful City

I have to admit when I heard that Rio de Janeiro had been awarded the 2016 Olympic Games.

I felt like they did...

And I just wished I was there. Because I love Brazil and I LOVE Rio.

When I was 15-years-old, and I visited my father who was was posted in Sao Paulo, I paid about $100 to a samba school to dance in the Carnaval parade...dressed up as a playing card.

And it was a totally awesome experience. We didn't come on until three in the morning. And when the sun was coming up over Copacabana Beach the parade was still going on.

And besides how can you not love such a beautiful multi-coloured country where the word "brincar" has two meanings? If a child says it, it means play with your toys. If an adult says it, it play with your partner. Golly. Or NOSSA as they say there.

And remember I hadn't met S├ębastien yet...

So when I read how badly the Americans were reacting to their loss. And how the crazed right-wingers were blaming Obama.

All I could think was how pathetic. Get a life. It's not all about YOU. Does America have its head up its ass or what?

The countries of South America have never had an Olympics. They deserve it. And tonight ALL of them are cheering Brazil.

And so am I. Here's to the wonderfully warm and sexy people of that country. Here's to the Cidade Maravilhosa...Beautiful City.

Let the party begin !!!

Hmmm...I think I know where I am going to be in 2016.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


West End Bob said...

Congratulations to Rio for their accomplishment - I think.

Having lived in Atlanta during the '96 Games and now in Vancouver for the '10 Games, hosting this event is not all it's cracked up to be. The enormous costs inevitably "trickle down" to the citizens and displacement of homeless persons is also common. The IOC basically is an internationally sanctioned group that exists to make $$ for the IOC.

That said, Rio and Brasil deserve international recognition. Back in the '80s I used to go once or twice a year to enjoy the hospitality, food and the gorgeous inhabitants - male and female. We still have dear friends in Ipanema that are very excited about the prospect of hosting the world . . . .

Simon said...

Hi West End Bob...yes well that's another story. But I'm leading with my samba heart tonight. :)
Seriously though you're right about the Olympics. The other night I was telling Scout at Harper Valley how I'm starting to get a hate for these Riefenstahl spectacles...especially when they treat the homeless like animals, and require turning the area into a police state.
However as long as they're around it might as well be in Rio. And since the government is pretty progressive, and the people are so great, I'm hoping they can carry it off and make it a place of international friendship instead of some horrible Nuremberg.
As for Brazil...I blabber on in my post about the wild things...and both male and female Brazilians with the wonderful mix of races ARE gorgeous and sexy.
But I also like the quiet Brazil.
I love the small coastal towns south of Rio, the red earth, the flowers, the musicality, the football, the beaches, and the FOOD !!!
Of course there are also the criminals, and the traffic on the highway between Rio and Paulo still gives me nightmares, but then no place is perfect... ;)

JJ said...

Hi Simon!

Yes, congrats to Rio, they deserve it and it will be a blast.

West End Bob is right about the nuts & bolts of the games, but before all that starts it's always fun and exciting to see which country won.

Reich wingers have their heads up their asses. Can you imagine what great campaign ads the Dems will be able to make out of this -- a montage of all the hard work and hope that goes into making the bid, then fast forward to them losing the bid, then split screen to conservatives cheering. Superimpose text: "Why do republicans root for America to lose?"

Or something like that :P

Simon said...

hi JJ...yes I think it will be a blast. And one thing is for sure they will be dancing in the stands...because even the white people know how to dance in that country... ;)
And how cheap of those Reichwingers to cheer against their own country, and try to make it sound like it's Obama's fault.
Hopefully as you say it will make a nice ad..and I LOVE your slogan... :)