Saturday, October 03, 2009

Is Iran's Ahmadinejad Really Jewish?

Since it has been demonstrated again and again that some of the worst homophobes are actually closeted gays who hate themselves.

Could the crazed anti-Semite Ahmadinejad actually be a self loathing Jew?

If it's true it could be a really bad thing. Because everyone knows that religious converts make the worst kind of fanatics.

And Ahmedinajad now belongs to an apocalyptic sect that believes an Imam is going to come out of a well, trigger the Final Battle of Armageddon. And that's a GOOD thing.

But not so good for the rest of us.

On the other hand if he really is Jewish, that could be a useful thing to know.

At least I hope so eh?

Because I've sent a copy of the Telegraph story off to the Revolutionary Guard's Department of Jew Problems.

And I'm counting on a quick response.


P.S. I also let them know that I have reason to suspect that the Zionist agent is also secretly gay. Because he's such a homophobe. But I'm sure that will come out at his trial...


CK said...

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that this Iranian cult leader was Jewish. After all, Hitler was said to have had a Jewish Grandmother, & his ideal Aryan race was tall, blonde, blue-eyed; nordic features. Hitler was short & the opposite.
Ezra Levant of CCF has proven to be a self-loathing Jew in representing the likes of Marc Lemire & his ilk.

'berto said...

Okay, as much as Ahmadinejad is a homophobe and deluded gawd-botherer, a friend of mine made a good point:

While I heartily disagree with his denial of the holocaust, I can't disagree with much in this excerpt... full text here:

Sure, it's long-winded and chock-full'a too many references to gawd, but as far as his basic points about the real reason for the attack on Iraq, the illegal Israeli occupation of stolen Palestinian land, and Western neo-colonial intentions in the Middle East, I can't find too much to disagree with him about.

But don't take my word -- or Fox News', or anyone *else* in the mainstream media... go read Ahmadinejad's words for yourself; the link is right there.

Oh, and before anyone jumps all over me about "how can you criticize Israel when they treat queers so much better than the Muslims do?", you'd better read this: "Stop using Palestinian gays to whitewash Israel's image" --> -- queers need to stop allowing themselves to be used as window-dressing to justify horrendous treatment of a defenceless people by a rapacious gang of expansionist thugs in the Israeli government.

Anonymous said...

…Ahmadinejad isn’t the only covert from Judaism. THE most dangerous bloodthirsty psychopath, Habibollah Asgaroladi, the head of the Motalefeh party and his deputy Elias Eliasi are also newly Jewish converts to Islam…to say…they converted 35 years ago…


Iran’s Jews to vote for Ahmadinejad




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