Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Con Porkers and the Swine Flu

When history delivers its final judgement on Stephen Harper and his porker Cons, its verdict will be harsh.

They will be found guilty of so many foul things, from corrupting our democracy, and raping our Canadian values, to helping to torch the planet. But one of their biggest crimes could turn out to be not preparing the country for the Swine flu pandemic.

Because they chose to spend FIVE times as much money selling their Porky Action Plan...than they did on ads educating the public. So even as the second wave hits us the result is mass confusion.

Does the H1N1 vaccine give you the flu? Will it cause autism or Gulf War syndrome? Is it a cover for a sinister government plan to kill people? Is a plot by big pharma to sell drugs, make money and rule the world?

Or madness.

With people getting their information from old wives tales like this one.

Rather than from doctors like this one.

Why do people who would never use Google, or the opinions of friends and colleagues, to decide that they knew more than their lawyer, engineer or architect, decide that they know better than their physicians?

So let me put on my serious tuque for a change, and put all of this into even simpler words...that even a dummy like me can understand.

The H1N1 virus has only been around for about six months, and we can't predict what it could do next.

What we do know is that it's speading faster than any pandemic influenza ever has, and that while for most people it's only a mild illness, for some groups in society it can be particularly DEADLY. People like children, young and healthy adults, women...especially pregnant ones...and aboriginals.

People turn up in an emergency room one day, and the next day their lungs shutdown. And I mean shutdown, they can't get a BREATH of air. So they have to be put on a ventilator or on a machine that takes their blood and oxygenates it before returning it to their bodies.

And one of the biggest problems is, as a recent Canadian study showed...

The average stay on a ventilator is TWO weeks...which is incredibly long. And means that if the flu is allowed to surge out of control, we could run out of ventilators or intensive care unit nurses who operate them.

And force medical workers to make some terrible choices.

And then there's the moral dimension. Everyone should remember that if they don't take the vaccine, and they come down with the flu it may just mean a couple of days of misery for them. But they could infect others, swamp emergency rooms, and kill the pregnant woman at work, or the baby next door.

The Cons know that but they don't care. Because their ideology dictates that it's always about THEM. The jungle struggle of the individual over the health and safety of the collective.

Can you believe the shocking contrast? What are these criminally incompetent ideologues DOING? Apart from rubbing pork fat all over each other...trying to buy themselves a majority with OUR money.

Now don't take my word about the vaccine. Inform yourself. But please listen to doctors and scientists who know what they are talking about, not the internet charlatans who are just spreading fear and confusion.

And never forget how these Cons put their own corrupt interests before the health of Canadians. And left us drowning in ignorance in the midst of a pandemic.

Which is why I say, the sooner we can remove these porkers from power.

The SAFER we'll all be...


Cari said...

Agree 100 percent. I cannot for the life off me,know what to do, if Harper gets a Majority,... there will be a lot of people wish they had passed on with the H1N1, because Harper will be a lot worse.

Jason said...

The image at the beginning of the postmade me laugh outloud. Thanks for that. :)

Anonymous said...

apparently you haven't looked at the stats from the southern hemisphere where the flu season just finished (including H1N1). Milder by far than the past couple of years. Australia had 186 swine flu deaths (they normally average 2 and 3 thousand from seasonal flu). 6 months ago they were predicting over 6,000 Australians would die from swine flu. Reality, 186. And they did it all without a single vile of vaccine. My god - how did they all survive so well!

Simon said...

hi Cari...ha ha ha thanks for that one. I needed it. Having to choose between Harper and H1N1 would be a difficult choice. But I think I prefer the flu... :)

Simon said...

hi Jason...I'm glad you liked the image. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a lot more of the little piggy with the bucket...oink..oink..oink..where's my shiny doorknob ? ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...actually I have, and what you need to understand is the impact of an epidemic goes much further than the death toll. The fact is to keep those numbers down required an enormous amount of medical care and equipment, and when you have to divert resources on a massive scale you reduce the quality of care for ALL patients.
And then there's the other problem, the possibility that the virus could mutate and become a lot more deadly. So you NEVER take a new pandemic virus lightly, like the Cons did, it's a matter of common sense...