Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Conservatives and the House of Pork

Well one thing is for sure eh? You can't take your eyes off these Con porkers for a minute.

One moment they're threatening to plaster their Porky Action Plan (PAP) on billboards all over the country.

Git yer ECONomic Action plan !! Give us you votes and you can have a Big Cheque too !!!

The next moment they're scrubbing the PAP website.

Trying to make it appear that this outrage never happened.

But how are they going to explain this one?

The Harper government spent well over $100,000 staging a one-hour event in June to deliver an update on its efforts to help the recession-ravaged economy.

Invoices obtained by The Canadian Press through the Access to Information Act show a nominal bill to taxpayers of $108,000 for the carefully scripted "town hall" meeting in Cambridge, Ont.

Can you believe that? More than a 100-thousand dollars just so Harper could stage his little photo-op...and not have to face questions by the national media. Their cheap politics, our hard earned tax the middle of a RECESSION.

Canada's New/Old Conservative Government. Screwing us...but helping their buddies.

A Montreal firm landed a federal stimulus contract while a top Tory organizer and senator was on the payroll, The Canadian Press has learned.

Senator Leo Housakos's employer, BPR Inc., was part of a consortium that won a $1.4-million engineering contract to study the future of Montreal's aging Champlain Bridge.

You know, as I pointed out the other day, this is nothing less than the most brazen attempt to STEAL an election in Canadian political history. A multi-billion dollar bribe-a-thon to buy votes with OUR money. And it cannot be allowed to succeed.

And the reason is simple. Should any election be held in the near future, its results could not be considered legitimate. Not after this porky vote-buying binge. Because can you imagine what the social unrest would be like in this country, if Harper won a majority, and most Canadians believed they had been ROBBED?

So the opposition should inform Harper and the Governor-General that they have reason to believe that our democratic process has been tainted and corrupted to its very core. And that a public inquiry MUST be held before any election can be called.

If the Cons refuse to call one, and invent some fake reason to engineer their own downfall, then the opposition should go to the Governor General and ask to form a coalition government.

To rescue our democratic system, clean up the House of Pork, and give Canadians the kind of stable, decent, honest government they deserve.

Because Canada does deserve better.

And these piggy Cons have gotta GO...

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Anonymous said...

What's worse is the near lack of outrage in some parts of the country. A sort of collective shrug as if to say, "so what".

Criminy! They're our tax dollars not being put to work. In other words, it's bad economics and a lot of Canadians shrug their shoulders and say "ah well, that's life, I guess".

Why are so many people numb and dumb to this situation? Don't they read quality newspapers or watch quality newscasts? Why aren't groups protesting on the Hill?

Does anyone remember the protest of seniors that cornered then finance minister Michael Wilson and Wilson backing down regarding seniors' pensions and benefits?

Why aren't people taking to the streets and where's the outrage press--other than on the blogs?

Have we changed that greatly in the last quarter century?

In the latest Rick Mercer Rant, he mentions that Porky Pig might be a better leader than the crop that's up there now. Actually, Harper & Co. have done a fine job of making the situation a real pig's breakfast.