Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Skinner and the Homophobe Monsters

They held a candlelight vigil for Chris Skinner the other night.

Skinner, 27, was killed Oct. 18 after being beaten by a group of men shortly after 3 a.m. Skinner was reportedly left lying on the pavement near a black SUV, which witnesses say was then deliberately driven over his body.

I was out of town but my friends are still talking about it. Police say they don't think it was a hate crime.

But what strikes me as a sign of the times is that so many gay people do.

"We will push light into the darkness that was the last week...Monsters that hide in the dark will be found and will be defeated."

And who can blame them? All they know is that a young gay man was walking home alone...

And moments after this picture was dead. Brutally murdered for no apparent reason, by a gang of strangers in an SUV.

In a city where reported hate crimes against LGBT people have DOUBLED in the last year. And police say are growing more and more violent.

In a country with a Con government that is trying to extract every little stinky turd of political advantage by "cracking down" on non-violent offenders. But hasn't lifted a finger to fight this VIOLENT homophobic crime wave.

And instead of organizing a national anti-homophobia campaign, as so many other countries have done, attacks gay groups, cuts their funding, and treats them like second-class citizens.

And by so doing sends out the message that it's OK to hate them because hey ...THEY do.

Just to please their rabid hatemongering base. Even though those values are not the values of most Canadians.

Oh yeah. We don't know who the cowardly thugs in this SUV are...


But we know who those other monsters are. The ones who can't do the right and decent thing.The ones who have voted against EVERY SINGLE BILL designed to protect gay people.

We know them too well.

They can't hide in the dark from us.

And we WILL defeat them...

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