Friday, April 19, 2019

Will Jason Kenney Lose His Pipeline War With Justin Trudeau?

Ever since he became the Premier-elect of Alberta, Jason Kenney has wasted no time giving his enemies the finger, and preparing to declare war on them.

From "foreign funded" environmental groups, the government and people of British Columbia and First Nations, to union groups, student activists, the liberal media etc etc.

And of course Justin Trudeau and his demonic carbon tax, who Kenney says must build him a pipeline, NOW!!! or ELSE !!#@

So this must have come as a nasty shock.

The federal government is putting off plans to pass judgment on the reconsidered Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal for nearly a month in order to finish its consultations with Indigenous groups, says Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi.

Kenney must have been hoping the announcement could have been just a few days after he is sworn in on April 30, so he could pretend that Trudeau had been so intimidated by his aggressive words, that he surrendered the golden pipeline immediately.

But will Trudeau do that? Will he give Alberta a pipeline when Kenney is blowing up the deal he had with Rachel Notley? 

The UCP leader has said he will scrap Notley's 100-megatonne cap on oil sands emissions, let coal power plants operate past 2030, and rollback much of Notley's carbon emission pricing plan.

Or will he just say no.

Trudeau now has the opportunity to walk his talk. He can say no to Kenney. 

No strict environmental plan, no pipeline. That was the bargain Trudeau sold to Canadians.

The move would cause an uproar in Alberta of course, and Jason Kenney would probably go ballistic...

But Trudeau doesn't owe him any favours, he has more seats to gain in B.C. than he has seats to lose in Alberta.

And in a slugging match with that pathetic closet queen he would almost certainly come out the winner.

The Scheer-Ford-Kenney axis now means that Trudeau has a clear political target in mind. Kenney is a gift to Trudeau in Quebec where there’s a consensus that they’re willing to live with carbon taxes and want nothing to do with a new pipeline with Alberta oil. Scheer will have a lot of trouble campaigning in Quebec as an Energy East backer and Alberta cheerleader.

Most of all, the election of Jason Kenney will remind millions of Canadians why they voted for Trudeau in the first place in 2015. To get rid of Harper and the likes of Jason Kenney.

For you can be sure that many Canadians still remember that nightmare even if it did have a happy ending...

And will do anything to make sure it doesn't happen again.

To make matters worse for Kenney and his Con confederacy of climate change deniers, they are on the wrong side of that burning issue. 

Despite the furious rhetoric coming out of Queen’s Park, the federal Conservatives and now Edmonton against the Liberals’ so-called “carbon tax,” Canadians actually want to see action on climate change. They see it as a real problem that demands real action; they can see it not only in academic studies predicting disaster down the road but in the evidence of their own eyes — the rising present-day costs of dramatically changing climate conditions.

And for Trudeau, Kenney and Ford couldn't be more inviting targets.

At the same time, there would be worse ways for Trudeau to campaign than as a foil to the likes of Doug Ford and Jason Kenney. He won’t convince their faithful supporters to switch sides, but the spectre of Ford and Kenney pulling Andrew Scheer’s strings in the background may well be enough to convince even moderately progressive voters to stick with the Liberals, despite the baggage they’ve accumulated in the past two months with the SNC-Lavalin affair.

While Scheer, aka Weak Andy, couldn't be made to look more pathetic.

You know, in most contests the more enemies you have the more precarious your situation.

But when it comes to scummy Con enemies, the more the merrier.

And that's why the decent Justin Trudeau is going to be re-elected prime minister...


Jackie Blue said...

What worries me is the contrast between this segment of the Star op-ed --

[The Liberals] have facts and logic on their side on this crucial issue.

-- and this part of Alan Freeman's analysis:

Like Philippe Couillard, who bravely and successfully tackled Quebec’s fiscal deficit and was rewarded for his efforts by being tossed out of office, Rachel Notley learned that voters don’t want politicians to take hard choices. They want to hear nonsense from their leaders, provided it doesn't cost them a cent.

After two months of the M$M's character assassination campaign, it seems politics really is bullshit theater where stupid plays a starring role. Welcome to "Whose Election Is It Anyway?" Where the gas -- and the beer -- are dirt cheap, and the facts don't matter.

I will be pleasantly and miraculously surprised if this does work out well for the Tru Grits. I don't drink (even if I did, I wouldn't touch Dougie's 99-cent piss-in-a-can), but if an October surprise should prove beneficial, I'd probably celebrate by shotgunning a can of Canada Dry. Call me crazy (or a "partisan ankle-humper" as one of our resident trolls did yesterday), but I'm still holding out for our hero.

brawnfire said...

I see there's no time for us to entertain fatigue, with you supplying such an adrenaline rush.
This post hits it out of the ballpark!

e.a.f. said...

Five middle age, well to do, if not wealthy, mostly over weight white guys. Need we say more.

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha to e.a.f.! So true. Makes one spit up their coffee. They’re kind of a metaphor for a diseased polluted planet — from excess. Most of them university dropouts to boot. No one would hire any of those miseries for an executive position in private business yet we put them in charge of our country?! What a vacuum of leadership. Just nasty bitter dim witted fat white guys.

We will have to fight like H. to save our country from the ignorance. My hope is that Trudeau will look like the only sane one of the bunch and people will see this but who would want to be Trudeau up against that kind of ignorance from the provincial premiers. Ugggg — he deserves so much credit to fight for Canadians as most would say to H. with it and get on with their lives. Trudeau sacrifices a lot for Canadians.

Just pity all of us in AB who have to live with seeing that hideous little virgin as our premier every fkg day in the news around here. Time to tune out the media completely. We had 4 years of relative peace under Notley. Now it’ll be blood pressure raising every morning sifting thru the daily news like in the Harper years. JK is the king of sleaze — Harper’s twin bro.

Oh how nice we had it for 4 years — NDP in AB and Libs in Ottawa. Pleasure becomes the absence of pain! Cheers all!

Jackie Blue said...

he deserves so much credit to fight for Canadians as most would say to H. with it and get on with their lives. Trudeau sacrifices a lot for Canadians.

He really does. He didn't want to run for the leadership -- heck, he didn't want to get involved with politics at all, because he saw firsthand the toll it takes on a young family. But nevertheless he persisted, in spite all the CRAP being flung his way, not just from jealous doughboys in the Cons and M$M who can't stand how mediocre he makes them feel, but from backstabbers in his own party exploiting his beliefs in bad faith.

Trudeau cares about Canada and about Canadians. The tail end of that HuffPost article angered me, calling him a liar and "just another opportunistic politician." He believes in compromise, and sometimes that means making hard choices and imperfect King Solomon-style decisions that people aren't going to be happy with. He doesn't even go on the attack against Con voters despite all the virulent hatred, lies, and even death threats they fling his way: he reiterated again, as he did in 2015, at a recent speech in Toronto, "they are your neighbors" -- and they've been duped by actual opportunists like the assholes in that photo there. Contrast that with that moron senator at the Faith Goldy rally who called on the crowd to "roll over every Liberal."

Justin has a good heart. A "True Heart." He believes in governance as public service. How quaint and rare these days. The media is a vomitorium and politics is bullshit theater. At the end of the day, the kind of basic human decency and professional respect that comes from someone like Trudeau is what's desperately needed as a salve or antidote for an infected body politic. Remember that old song? "What the world needs now is love, it's the only thing there's just too little of"? Or as John Lennon said of his father: "If all leaders were like Mr. Trudeau, the world would have peace." The way things are going... they wanna crucify him!

brawnfire said...

I like this news from yesterday
Trudeau begins search for new Supreme Court justice, ignores Conservative calls to delay process

Jackie Blue said...

Good. About time he ignored their bad-faith braying. He tried bipartisanship just like Obama did and look where that got both of them. He made efforts to reach across the aisle; so did they, but to grab his throat. Someone on another site referred to Scheer as a "larval, turtle-egg Mitch McConnell" and she was so right. Watch him whine about Trudeau politicizing the process, which is exactly what McConnell ended up doing by spiking Merrick Garland's nomination. Kim Campbell is the supervisor but they hate her and call her a Liberal stooge and "Canadian Hillary." Funny how the few remaining sensible PCs get retconned as Liberals just like sane Republicans get retconned as Democrats. Remember those notoriously far-left radicals, Ike and Dief? The "modern" GOP on either side of the border won't accept anything less than Hitler's shriveled-up testicle deciding the rule of law. Scheer was probably hoping to nominate Ezra himself.

e.a.f. said...

Cons call to delay process, ya right. guess they took that out of McTurtle's play book. this isn't the American Senate. this is Canada. Trudeau has a mandate and he sure isn't going to give that up to some bible thumping idiot who will try to change our way of life. If its the last thing Trudeau ever does as a politician, it would be appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Its all that helped Canada remain Canada when harper was P.M.

e.a.f. said...

Didn't catch all of it, just the last min on global national news, something about the Bank of England's chief, Mar Carney and the bank of France's chief discussing the need to address climate change. Some thing about if companies don't change, they won't be around. don't know if anyone else saw it.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a 'United Progressive Canada' party. Forget the Liberals, the NDP and the Greens.
They've all failed Canadians.
Time to risk splitting the vote even further and push all of the others to consolidate with us.
I am sick of Conservatives using 'solidarity' against us to destroy our democracy.

Jackie Blue said...

Here ya go, Simon. I was inspired to try a little Photoshop of my own. Thought maybe you and the regulars would appreciate this.

"Oh, my God, you elected Kenney? You bastards!"

Anonymous said...

You're right Simon. There's nothing to lose in Alberta as they continue to be suckered into the worn out Con narrative of blaming Ottawa for all their problems. Ignoring what JT has done to placate them, Keystone XL, the ongoing transmountain line, the tremendous support he provided during the wildfires, dropping the waiting period for EI to 1 week, the billions in aid on offer, etc. The thankless, unappreciative masses that voted for Kenney will soon learn that their "Virgin Hairy" ain't no "Virgin Mary". On the contrary, it is very scary. Especially that red dress, Simon.:o
They're lucky it's not PET they're dealing with as he would have told them to go fuddle duddle themselves a long time ago. In that sense he's not his father's son. However, if Kenney thinks poking the bear repeatedly will get him anywhere then he's sadly mistaken. Same goes for the others that make up the freaky fivesome. Pay attention to what Admiral Yamamoto once proclaimed, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve".

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jackie. The goalie mask is appropriate for the 50 year old virgin.
"Jason's Revenge Part 9", "He'll slash your jobs, cut your wages and kill the planet, for all the ages".

brawnfire said...

JD, I just KNEW you'd 'see red'
and go for the dress--like a mad bull at a matador--and yet you still you managed to outdo my wildest expectations! lmao

Steve said...

Doug is supposed to be a vegatarian what is he a 300lb mouse eating cheese all day?

Steve said...

delaying the process worked so well down south weak andy wants it up here. When the cons mess with the justice system that really is the end of a just society.

Steve said...

Fact is Justin does not control the world price of oil, fact is dilbit is a stupid thing to pipe around the continet. Make a refinery, change it into methanal for fuel cells. Make plastic pellets, make clean diesel fuel, make avaiation fuel, keep the value in Canada, dont ship it thousand of kilometers away for someone else to do. Thats why we sell oil cheap and buy gas for our cars at a premium.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brawnfire. You're appreciation is very nice but now I'm blushing like Andrew Scheer at a press conference. "Andrew, please explain your ties to the rebel? Andrew? Where'd he go? I don't know, he just ran out."

brawnfire said...

Steve, hahaha, you blew me away!

e.a.f. said...

Kenney and his supporters certainly do ascribe a lot of power to Trudeau. Now he's responsible for the price of oil in the world? those boys need to read a few articles about oil and economics, oh right, they may not read too well.

Yes an other refinery or two would be good. It is being alleged the reason Greater Vancouver is paying $1.72 per litre, is because refineries are switching over from winter to summer gas. its the same excuse we've been hearing for a few decades now. You'd think some one would build another refinery. this tar is not for Canada, its for export, hence the lack of a refinery.

One of these days China is simply going to stop purchasing tar/oil and where will Alberta be then.

They have been building electric car factories hand over fist in China. One economic article questioned how they could keep up the cost of that. Well I expect they plan to have G.M build all of their electric cars in China and ship them back to North America. Its most likely one of the reasons G.M. closed factories in Canada and the U.S.A. China does have a push to clean up their air. A recent news article advised some roads will be closed to cars in Beijing and given over to bikes. people in urban centers are once again riding bikes, because they want clean air and are easier to get around on than in cars. Now it will take time with almost 2 billion people, but much of our resource economy revolves around China. We might want to be careful with that.

Russ said...

Trudeau is a pathological liar that promised a balanced budget in 2019, instead we get about a 20 billion dollar deficit on top of the 70 billion in debt he has already racked up with a good deal of it going to other countries and especially Islamic countries. Trudeau the kid born with the silver spoon in his mouth has no appreciation for how hard taxpayers have to work for the money that he wastes, following in his father Pierre's footsteps who is the man largely responsible for putting Canada on the debt path with 70% of the debt being from compounding interest. Trudeau was bought off the the French Canadian mafia... SNC Lavalin who bought off the Lieberal party with donations some of which had to be given back for Elections Canada violations, and then Trudeau tried to protect, got caught lying about it and fired an Indigenous Woman and another women cabinet minister who stood up to the crook and how he is very low in the polls (Canadians can only stomach the bs and lies for so long) and he is headed for defeat at the polls in Oct. Trudeau should be in prison for corruption and taking kickbacks into the Trudeau foundation. I will be breaking out the bubbly when he loses on Oct. 21, 2019, the conservatives will have to mop up his mess.

Anonymous said...

This hate gesticulation from your editorial implies a bias. So you are an opinion writer and not a news man. Your opinion then is shallow and your rhetoric isn't articulate. To support a position is not the same as attacking your opponent and what I see here is an attack on an opponent disguised as support for your bias. Sorry, not good enough to warrant intelligent redress.

Anonymous said...

Were you not paying attention? Kenney said he supports the delay to ensure all the "I's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed ...