Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Great Con Canada Birthday Scam

I'll always remember the day Stephen Harper decided to start celebrating Canada's 150th birthday, three years early.

And how critics warned that the infrastructure money that came with it could be used by the Cons as a giant slush fund.

And sure enough they were right. 

It was a porky scam. 

Conservative ridings disproportionately benefited from an election year fund aimed at improving community infrastructure such as parks and recreation centres, a Star analysis has found. 

New data shows ridings won by the Conservatives in 2011 received 68.6 per cent of the roughly $106 million paid out in the first year of the Canada 150 community infrastructure program between June 2015 and June 2016.

The Cons rigged the process. 

Adam Vaughan, the Toronto MP and now parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, told the Star the fund under the Conservatives was overly restrictive and set timetables that were difficult for community organizations to meet. 

 “It was clear that the Conservatives had tipped off some on how to apply and kept others in the dark,” Vaughn said in an interview.

Their ridings got most of the money.

And Michelle Rempel's claim that it was but it wasn't a political decision, is absolutely absurd...

There were political considerations involved in the decisions, Rempel said, to ensure the small pool of funding was fairly distributed over a large number of ridings.

But what I relied on to make my decision was a departmental ranking based on criteria … I wanted to be very careful that it wasn’t perceived as a politically motivated decision.”

And absolutely shameless.

Because when Con ridings end up receiving 70% of the money, it's clear the process was both unfair and political, just another vote buying scheme.

And Rempel, who likes to think of herself as the conscience of parliament, was only doing what she was told...

By the depraved leader she served so faithfully.

And is like him just another Con artist.

And the good news?

It didn't work.

Just like Harper's attempt to politicize the War of 1812 anniversary didn't work either.

He lost the war and the election.

And the best news?

Isn't it great to think that when the 150th party finally arrives, Harper won't be blowing out the candles on that cake?

But will have to settle for this one...

Stephen Harper, never a Great Economist Leader.

But always a Con artist...


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Disturbing, but sadly not surprising.

    Thank you for writing about this. Lest thou forget...


    1. hi TS...I never forget anything when it comes to the Decade of Darkness, or at least my extensive files don't. Keeping alive the memory of those hideous days is the best guarantee that something like that will never happen again....

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Thanks for clarifying that the worst PM in Canadian history was also the most corrupt.

    1. hi JD...yes, I think it's important to remind Canadians about that. The MSM media keeps claiming that despite his many flaws he was a good money manager. When in fact he was a lousy, unimaginative, Great Buffoon Leader who wasted billions of dollars, left the government in a permanent state of statutory deficit, and led this country to the verge of economic disaster.

  3. Today the Cons started hawking Harper's "personally signed" hockey book as "the perfect stocking stuffer". LOL!

    A review in the Globe said the book "reads a bit like a PhD thesis" Yawn.....

    1. hi David...OMG. The book is so bad, he has to sign them to sell them? But then who can be surprised that the book is so boring, when so is the man himself. He really was like an evil Wizard of Oz. Once he lose his bully powers, there was no there there...

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Harper's no Roch Carrier. The Cons must have picked boxes of Harper's hockey book from the remainder bins. I'll bet they have a temporary foreign worker robo-signing them.

    1. hi he's no Roch Carrier, whose story about the Quebec kid who got a Maple Leaf jersey instead of a Canadien's one is my favourite hockey story of all time. I remember reading Harper's Master thesis, and it was so dull ann boring I had to remember to keep breathing...

  5. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Happy Birthday to ME is somewhat insignificant compared to his dealings with people like Carson, Morgan and others in the oil,gas and possibly nuclear industry where monetary influence can cast a dark shadow over the well being of Canadians well into the future. Money is only money but compromised industrial decisions have the capability of doing significant harm in the long run.

    1. hi RT...well that's true, the Birthday story pales in comparison with all his other scandal and bad decisions. But the way he tried to turn that anniversary into just another excuse to try to buy votes annoyed me intensely. So I felt I had to write about its sordid epilogue, just to make sure that he doesn't get away from anything, and that his shabby legacy is not whitewashed in any possible way....

    2. Right!

      "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

      The Stephen Harper Non-Answer Generator (Part 1 of 9)

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