Monday, February 18, 2013

The Humiliating Collapse of The Porky Action Plan

Uh oh. The alarms are honking away at Porky Action Headquarters. The Con hogs are still strutting around on their hind legs promoting their fraudulent porky plan.

But the reviews are coming in, and the stench of panic is is the air.

Because they are DEVASTATING.

Eight polls the Finance Department commissioned between 2009 and 2012 suggest the TV, radio, print and Internet ads are starting to fizzle — and annoying some people. The most-recently released survey has respondents calling the material "propaganda" and a "waste of money," while fewer people than ever are taking any action after viewing the ads.

Holy baloney Batman. If a Broadway production got reviews like that one they'd have to cancel it before the first act was over. Talk about rejection eh? The Cons haven't been so humiliated since their high school prom.

But then who can blame Canadians for getting upset about being brainwashed with their own money. Especially since what the Cons are doing is so OBVIOUS.

The analysis, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, notes that among those who had not seen the ads, 42 per cent approved of the overall performance of the government. But the number rises to 47 per cent among those who had seen the TV spots, a five-percentage-point boost in popularity attributed to the advertising campaign.

Except to that five percent of Canadians. You know, the IDIOTS.

Who will believe anything Great Big Brother Napoleon Leader tells them or honks... 

Even though it's all smoke and mirrors, Harper is no economist, just a crazed right-wing ideologue, and he's leading us all to economic disaster.

And the good news? If the Cons continue their fraudulent propaganda campaign, their message will be even more over exposed and blunted by the time the next election arrives. And even more Canadians will be irritated and start throwing things at the TVs.

Nobody will believe ANYTHING they say.

And even the idiots will understand something is wrong, and start muttering things like "Hey ho wassup? or "we wuz ROBBED?????" 

And then it will all be over eh?

Just like I predicted it would be four years ago, when the Cons were touting their smelly job creation plan...

Or handing out big Porky Action Plan cheques. And I made a humble little video.

It's been overtaken by events of course. 

And more porkitude than anyone thought was pigly possible.

And you have to crank up the audio to hear a Con candidate explain why only Con ridings will get any money.

But I think you'll agree its conclusion was PROPHETIC...

Honk. Grunt. Snort. SQUEAL!!!!!!! 

The Porky Action Plan is heading for the Big Bacon Factory in the sky.

And the hoggy Cons are going with it...

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