Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Enduring Mystery of Mike Duffy

Golly. If this Mike Duffy mystery continues, we're going to have to put his mug on a milk carton, and ask the public for help.

Ask them have you seen this senator? Where does he live? And holy jumping jelly beans !! 

How many houses does he have? 

P.E.I. Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, whose residency status is the subject of an audit, now says he rents a second home on the Island because he can’t reach what he had listed as his primary residence during the winter months.

Duffy has been under fire since December when a Postmedia report said Duffy spends the majority of the year in his long-owned Ottawa home but had still charged the taxpayers $33,000 in living allowances.

Because you don't want to ask him eh?

“It’s none of your business,” the senator said. “I’ve said too much already. When it’s all over, you all will be very embarrassed.”

When asked about the audit by the CBC Tuesday Duffy said: “I don’t want to get into that, that’s for accountants and heaven knows, I’m not an accountant.”

But of course, the larger question can't be put on a milk carton. And it's this one: Who is to blame for this Senate fiasco?

But luckily that's easy eh? 

Just ask Rick...

He appointed Duffy, he appointed Brazeau, he appointed Wallin of Wadena, Ottawa, Toronto, and New York.

Now he OWNS them.

And the only questions I still have are, how many homes do you have to own to become a member of the House of Turkeys?

When can we abolish it?

And wouldn't it be nice to put THIS message on a milk carton?

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