Monday, February 04, 2013

The Con War on Canadian Children

Just the other day he was cuddling his chinchilla, and pretending to be Mr Nice Guy Leader.

Today he was back in all his fascist foulness playing Great Crime Busting Leader.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson unveiled a plan Monday for 2013 that includes new legislation to toughen penalties for child sex offenses, create a Victims Bill of Rights and better protect the public from those found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.

Even though this latest crime bill is just more of the same:

The new initiatives are expected to build on a host of previous legislation and policy changes from the sweeping Safe Streets and Communities Act which toughened penalties for drug traffickers, repeat young offenders and child sex offenders, to the elimination of two-for-one credit for time served and house arrest in certain situations, to enhanced protections for victims.

Even though police have all the tools they need to go after child sex perverts. And are getting better at doing it which accounts for the rise in convictions.

Even though our overcrowded prisons are full of the mentally ill. 

Most of them are not violent threats to the public, and those who are found not criminally responsible and properly treated are no more dangerous than any others.

And even though the greatest threat to Canadian children is the Con regime itself.

Canada isn't living up to its potential or its reputation when it comes to societal issues like poverty, government and inequality, according to the Conference Board of Canada. Canada’s child poverty rate is 15.1 per cent, up from 12.8 per cent in the mid-1990s, earning a ‘C’ ranking – only the U.S. ranked lower.

Which claims to be protecting kids.

When in reality it is inflicting misery upon them, and creating the kind of poverty and despair that can lead to criminality.

A regime that killed a national anti-bullying program, even though thousands of Canadian children are suffering every day. 

And so many have died...

So why are Cons doing this?

Answer: to pleasure their rabid base, who get a depraved thrill from punishing others, especially the young. And to try to win the votes of the ignorant masses who have been scared by the Cons and the media into thinking that crime is out of control. When it's really going down.

And would turn us into a police state to make themselves feel safer.

And this from a "crime busting" regime that is allowing our country to be flooded with dangerous weapons? And lives under the cloud of having stolen an election?

Oh boy. What evil, what madness.

Who are those who would make us safe by stealing our freedoms? Who are those who would scare people into voting for them?

Who are those who would turn their backs on bullied children and attack the mentally ill?

Who is the one who should be jailed for playing politics with crime?

And to what dark place would this monster would take us?

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