Monday, February 25, 2013

Jason Kenney and the Bieber Factor

As you know I've always considered Jason Kenney's singular contribution to Canadian politics a real freak show.

I've had trouble taking that ghastly religious fanatic seriously since he said that gays were free to get married. As long as they married someone of the opposite sex.

One moment he's accusing Thomas Mulcair of being soft on religious freedom, like he did last week.

The next moment he's bashing Iran. Or swearing allegiance to Israel. And now he's been caught with his pants down in an embarrassing position. 

In mid-February, immigration minister Jason Kenney toured a Toronto-area Islamic centre tied to Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (ISIJ), a Toronto-area organization put on notice by the York Regional Police for disseminating anti-Semitic literature.

And will no doubt spend the next three days on his knees, flagellating himself with a palm branch, begging his Lord, and Benjamin Netanyahu, to forgive him.

But here's the real scary part eh? In some parts of this country this horrifying freak show is bigger than Bieber !!!

During a jam-packed itinerary stretching across the GTA on a recent Saturday, Kenney was mobbed by excited shoppers at the Pacific Mall in Markham, grabbed on Toronto streets by supporters for impromptu photos, cheered by hundreds at a Tibetan New Year celebration and showered with confetti at a gala dinner.

Gawd. It really makes you wonder what's happening to this country. Makes you wonder whether the Cons are favouring religious immigrants over the others to try to make Canada more conservative. 

And whether some of those ethnic communities realize that whatever the Cons say, it's all about the right of Christians to convert others. Even in a place like Tibet.

Robbie Barnett, a leading Tibet expert at Columbia University, argues that the missionary phenomenon overturns the standard notion of western attitudes towards Tibet – that western society is intent on protecting Tibetan religion, while the Chinese government is more concerned with dismantling it. "If you look at foreigners there, there are people whose commitment is to the opposite – it's to replace Tibetan religion with their own religion."

Because the Con's rabid base considers all other religions dubious or dangerous. We now live in a quasi-theocracy where religion affects everything from day to day politics, to whether social services live or die, to the machinations of our foreign policy.

And nobody in the MSM dares say a thing, lest they're accused of being anti-religious.

Oh well. And the good news? 

Kenney is hoping to use that ethnic support to become the leader of the Cons, after Stephen Harper leaves, resigns, or is jailed....

And we've got to do everything in our power, even pray if necessary, to make sure he  WINS. Because nothing could split and eventually destroy the Conservative party more than a Kenney victory.

So don't be too hard on Jason eh? Try to emphasize his strong points to your friends and neighbours. Like how many men of his age are still living with their mothers? Or have sworn a vow of chastity?

Can Bieber match that? Huh? You know he can't. 

And besides, how many Canadian politicians have admirers like the famous right-wing hooker polemicist Anne Coulter.

When Stossel asked Coulter: “Why can’t gays get married?” She replied: “Well, they can. They have to marry a member of the opposite sex.” She was heartily booed.

Who as you can see, still quotes him RELIGIOUSLY.

Yup. The Lord may have plans for Kenney, but so do I eh?

Hallelujah !!! Hallelujah !!!

Go Jason go...

Golly. I'm BLESSED.

Who knew Jesus Jasus Jason would be the Final Prophet of the Con Apocalypse?

Who knew a freak show could be so useful?

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Anonymous said...

You know Canada, unlike 'murka, was never founded to be a free and sovereign entity like the place to the south of us. The limeys and frogs that first came over here to slaughter and terrorize the indigenous peoples into submission did it with the full intention of this being a COLONY of the fatherland (respectively speaking) and to this very day hold those same feelings (see union jacks and fleur de lis flying all over the place instead of the paltry little maple leaf). All jackoff kenny and stevie torquemada want to do is ensure that we return to and don't forget our true heritage. The office of religious freedom is only here to make certain that we remember our place within the hierarchy of the way things really work in Canada. If you are one of the "chosen ones" vis a vis the "acceptable" religions and act accordingly, you have nothing to fear. baird won't have any reasons to send a squadron of F35's (which even the 'murkans won't fly now because they've proven to be a $35,000,000,000 Edsel) to bomb our insurgent asses back to the stone age and kenny and torquemada won't have to send you for "behavior modification" (vis a vis extradition and black sites that we have no knowledge of). Remember, if they do it, it isn't a crime. Just ask the First Nations peoples of North America. They know. And the Blacks. And the Asians. They have all been treated with the utmost kindness and integrity that our land has to offer. And all "we" want now is to take Canada back from these lousy interlopers who whine about "personal freedoms" and set things right. You know, the way they were back in the 1600's when wimmens were knowing their rightful places and mens ruled the roost and "white was right". Yessirree, I can't wait for the interrogations and the smell of those late-night bonfires mixed with the ecstatic screams of the "converted" and "saved" to come back around. How about you, Simon? Kind of brings a tear to your eye knowing upstanding guys like baird and kidney (or is it kenny?) and torquemada want to return us to, doesn't it?

wazz said...

Jason Kenney is a founding member of the Civitas Society, another group of fruitcakes that season rightwing student activist groups. Incidentally it was Jason Kenney who broke Parliamentary rules allowing official MP letterhead to illegally solicit funds to fundraise for a CON election campaign aimed at Canada's ethnic communities. H's a religiously insane bible school flunkie college dropout who majored (briefly) in philosophy and has never held a real job outside the world of politics. He's a bigot, homophobe and the world's oldest virgin. (go figure, what women would fuck THAT). This guy has shitstink all over him.

Anonymous said...

I want to say "Holy Fuck have we ever been stupid..It's been in front of our face the whole time!! I'm not sure, I could be way off, but here's my thoughts (unlucky y'all) Harper as a wacko evangelical christian has never sat right with me. He's to caculatingingly evil. The whole host in the pocket episode seemed strange considering he was such good friends with ultra conservative catholic Tom Flanagan, Barry Cooper et al. Opus Dei has been trolling the universities for elite recruits for years...When you look at all the single white celibate males surrounding him...Ray Novak, Nigel Wright, Jason Kenney, Rob Anders.....all Neo-Catholic..not to mention the other.neo-catholics like Andrew Sheer who was the one to invite Opus Dei Fr. Dolan to hold a luncheon for MPs...the quebec conservative opus dei candidate & the opus dei member on the selection committee..... I so want to say....OOOOPUS DEI IT IS!!! Barb

Simon said...

hi anonymous...

Yessirree, I can't wait for the interrogations and the smell of those late-night bonfires mixed with the ecstatic screams of the "converted" and "saved" to come back around. How about you, Simon? Kind of brings a tear to your eye knowing upstanding guys like baird and kidney (or is it kenny?) and torquemada want to return us to, doesn't it?

No it doesn't bring a tear to my eyes, it makes my ears turn red. And that's always a bad sign. For my enemies. Seriously though I can't believe what those Cons are up to. Even before this religious bullshit they were bad enough. But this is the absolute limit. End of regime madness. However, as I said, they are only furnishing us with more ammunition to use against them in the next election. Some of my friends and I have been working on some anti-Con attack videos. But who knew we would be able to make them as scary as The Exorcist ? ;)

Simon said...

hi wazz...yes I have in my files a video of young Kenney railing against pro-choice demonstators at a Catholic university in the U.S. He's been a grubby theocon for a long time, and to read about him being mobbed by admirers just about made me vomit. But he really is going after Harper's job, I detect some really bad vibes between him and John Baird, and I really do believe that Kenney's leadership ambitions could help split the Cons. So as I said in the post, he's an idiot, but a useful one...

Simon said...

hi Barb...the PMO and especially the Con war Room is packed with young religious fanatics and could not keep going without them. Ever since new lobbying rules were introduced the grubby politicos have avoided staff jobs, so their place has been taken by those zealots. Now they are demanding some payback, and who knows what the Cons might do next? Especially as I have mentioned before, when they cut subsidies to political parties to try to kill the Liberal Party, they also hurt themselves. For they were the ones who got the most money. So now they are more dependent than ever on their religious base and are capable of ANYTHING....

Anonymous said...

Good point. ...and what better way to campaign/advertise to the masses for cheap than the RC of Canad. Serious. I'm beginning to think Canada is heaven on earth for Opus Dei, Gov funds Catholic schools, lot's & lot's of Catholics....If you ever get a chance to see how they rule Spain & many south American countries....well..drink first...Opus Dei is not some movie scary conspiracy...they are secretive, powerful, well educated and believe neo-conservative economics is the way of God. They want "natural order" They are scarier than the regular fundies..these people are behind the scenes, come off as normal, level headed, they are harder to identify...whereas Charles McVetty and Maurice Vallencourt are the stage show. Barb