Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Brazeau Duffy Con Senate Show

Uh oh. It looks as if Senator Brazman's words have come back to haunt him.

One moment he was putting down Chief Spence, and claiming he's a better example for native youth than she is.

The next moment he was telling that one to the police AND Boss Harper. 

Sen. Patrick Brazeau has been removed from the Conservative caucus after he was arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident at his home in Gatineau, Que. Police were called to the senator’s home shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday. Several hours later, Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed Brazeau’s removal from the Conservative caucus. 

While in Halifax, another Con Senator was seen ducking through a hotel kitchen to dodge reporters' questions. 

The uproar over where Mike Duffy lives continued Wednesday, with the senator using a service exit at a Halifax hotel to avoid the media after another day of heat in the House of Commons.

Opposition MPs are questioning whether Duffy really lives in Cavendish, P.E.I., as he says he does. Earlier this week, P.E.I.'s health minister said Duffy had applied for a new health card — not a renewal — and CBC News obtained documents that show Duffy isn't getting a much lower resident tax rate on his property in the province.

And much to the horror of most of the people of that beautiful province, still claiming he lives in PEI...

And needless to say all of this scandalous behaviour is causing a frightful flap in the Con Senate, also known as the House of Turkeys.

Where Boss Harper was seen wearing a spanking new hat today. To go with his new fur coat.

And practicing what he's going to say when the opposition asks the obvious question:

If he wants to make the Senate more respectable, why does he make such sleazy appointments?

And has he lost his judgement, his moral compass, or his MARBLES?

But of course I'm absolutely delighted at the way this sordid scandal is unfolding.

In fact, I think Brazeau and Duffy should keep Harper company all the way to the next election. Con birds of a feather SHOULD fly together. 

And besides you know what they say eh?

Two is a hoot.

Three is a PARTY... 

Until the party is OVER.

Now please, everyone, let's get serious eh?

Fire Brazeau and Duffy, defeat the Harper Cons, and abolish the Senate.

Before they disgrace us further...

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  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I'm still laughing....can't help myself!

    1. hi anonymous...I'm glad I made you laugh, and I must admit I was rather proud of Harper's turkey hat. ;)
      I've made it pretty clear, I may be living in the grim reality of Harperland, but I will not stop laughing at them...

  2. This points to Harper entirely and increasingly shows Harper's poor judgement of character and his government vetting process sadly lacking. Coming on top of his 'okaying' the robo calls in Saskatchewan, Harper every passing day is living up to his reputation as a political weasel. And yet Harper lets abusers like Peter 'Copter (fishing trip) and Tony Gazebo (swindler of tax funds) stick around. Hmm. On the other hand, he turfed Bev Oda and went full bore after Helena Geurguis. Is there a pattern of who gets treated how emerging?And what's happening with the Dean Del Mastro case?

    1. hi wazz...yes it does show Harper's abysmal judgement, and it makes no sense. If he really wants to increase the status of the Senate, why is he debasing it so much. It has been said of Stephen Harper that he enjoys destroying stuff more than her enjoys creating anything, and I think we may be seeing the same thing here. He just can't help himself. And yes, his double standard when it comes to the treatment of women is entirely revolting. The man hasn't an ounce of class and he should be ashamed of himself...

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Harper does have his degenerates at hand, to do his dirty work for him. He has, Gordon Campbell, Boessenkool, Bruce Carson, Wenzel, Parker and the robo-call crew. Don't worry about Del Mastro? Harper will give a cushy job overseas as well. If Brazeau was Gordon Campbell or Toews, he would never have been kicked out of Caucus.

    Now the Saskatchewan Conservatives are using the same, robo-call cheat method Harper used. Harper gas set the standard. cheating to win elections in Canada, is now permissible.

    Harper is thieving Canadian people blind. Canada is rotten to the core since, Harper so called majority, he cheated so hard to get.

    1. hi anonymous...although I criticize him all the time, I have made an honest effort to try to understand him. But after more than seven years of studying the guy, I am no further ahead in that regard than I was at the beginning. What I do know is that something is not right, and that sooner or later it will lead us to disaster...

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    If ever we needed a reason to get rid of the Senate......

    1. hi Way Way Up...I feel the same way you do. If the Senate was a place where distinguished Canadians from all walks of life got a chance to offer up serious second thought I might think differently. But having another politicized chamber competing with the House of Commons is something we don't need....