Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Very Gay Message to Rick Perry

I've been taking a little heat recently, from some of my gay friends, for not having written anything about Rick Perry's grotesque little video.

But as I explain to those fools, if I wrote a post every time some Christianist bigot in Amerika opened and closed his or her filthy pie hole, I'd never have the time to write about anything else. Or fetch the beer.

Besides what more could I say eh? When his video is already one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history.

There are more parodies than you can count...

Some better 

And although I'm an atheist, I'm rather fond of REAL Christians, so I find myself agreeing with the  Reverend Susan.

There is something wrong in this country -- but what's wrong has nothing to do with gay and lesbian troops defending it on the battlefield or gay and lesbian parents raising their children to believe that liberty and justice for all really means "all." Rather, it has everything to do with presidential candidates using homophobia as a weapon of mass distraction calculated to mobilize their political base.

And  I really have nothing to add to that...... except this very gay message to Rick Perry:

Ricky, Ricky, dahling.  I just LOVE your Brokeback Mountain coat !!!!

Heath was hot, but you are definitely HOTTER !!!!!

Now get down on all fours. So I can ride you like a horse.

Into the sunset of your political career.

While the sad credits slowly roll. Like tumbleweed in Texas.

And we sing this great cowboy song together....


  1. Love love love the parodies!

  2. Rick Perry's "Strong" Youtube advert currently has 18,015 "likes" and 604,539 "dislikes". ;-)

  3. Rev Effect1:54 PM


    You can't hide bigotry behind inspirational music and an LL Bean wardrobe.

  4. hi Brahm...thanks...needless to say I rather liked the braying donkey. As Seb said, I would. ;)
    But that singing cowboy has always been one of my favourites. Whenever the homophobes in Amerika get out of control, out he comes...

  5. hi Alison...I believe that percentage wise it's already the most disliked video. And I must say it felt REALLY good to contribute to that number... ;)

  6. hi Rev Effect...what have you got against LL Bean. I have cousins who live in Maine, so I used to go there all the time. ;)
    But seriously, Rick Perry is the kind of person who gives Christianity a bad name. When I first saw the video I was simply astounded not just at the naked bigotry, but at the outrageous connection to the "War on Christmas."
    As much as I love my cousins, and our neighbours, I can't help but feel that their country is going off the deep end...