Thursday, December 01, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Flying Messiah

Golly. I can only imagine the panic that must have ensued in the PMO after Nycole Turmel demanded that Stephen Harper spend a night in Attawaspiskat.

"You should sleep in a shack with a sleeping bag, you will see the sleeping bags provided by the Red Cross are not enough. We need better, we need action. Where is the leadership?"

With the flunkies from the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation screaming that not even Leni Riefenstahl could turn that miserable village into a heroic photo-op. 

Peter MacKay explaining why our glorious armed forces could not bomb the village with food and blankets, because they might hit one of those flimsy shacks and wipe out six families.

And Stephen Harper rolling on the carpet demanding the head of the "separatist" Turmel, screaming " I'm the bloody Liberator of Libya, not the f ***ing Saviour of Attawhatsitsname  #!%@!!"

Blaming the victims. And no doubt demanding they be silenced. Like everybody else in Canada.

State surveillance, the rationale being security, is being taken to new levels. The Conservatives are bringing in legislation that will compel Internet service-providers to disclose customer information.

Research that contradicts the government line is discarded. Civil liberties fade, new jails proliferate. Those who speak out better watch out. When the NDP’s Megan Leslie stated an opposing view on the Keystone XL Pipeline, she was accused by the government of treachery.

Stephen Harper and his Reform gang.

Almost a quarter of a century after its birth, Reform still animates Canadian politics. Yes, it changed its name to the Canadian Alliance, and the Alliance died in the merger with the Progressive Conservatives to create today’s Conservative Party. But Reform’s ideas remain alive and kicking inside the Conservative Party

Changing Canada beyond recognition with only 39% 35% support. Embarrassing us at home. Embarrassing us abroad.

Glorifying the military, and leading us merrily off to war...

Gawd, You don't think we might put aside our partisan differences, organize, and unite? Or just take to the streets like the British did today?

Nah. I didn't think so.

You know a long time ago I started portraying Great Leader as the mad emperor with no clothes pants...

But now I fear it's worse than that eh? Give him another six months and he'll be  madder than ever, declaring himself Great Flying Messiah Leader.

And mooning us from above....

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Won't that be a pretty sight?

Yup. In a time of madness and great darkness. If you love this country.

Only mass resistance can save it now...

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