Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The True Horror of the Harper Cons

For more than five years, in my humble way, I tried to illustrate what the horror of a HarperCon majority would mean for Canada. I made this photoshop three years ago. 

But they got their preciousssssss majority, and now like a pack of hungry zombies, they are totally out of control.

They are tearing the flesh off our parliamentary democracy, they are trying to turn us into an insane prison state. They are torching the planet in the name of Big Oil.

And of course, I've tried to illustrate that too...

But nothing I have done, or could ever hope to do, better illustrates the true horror of the Harper Cons, than the sight of the Alberta M.P. Jim Hillyer, celebrating a vote to kill the long gun registry.

By giving the opposition the finger GUN...

Gawd. I suppose we should be grateful that he didn't take his dick out and wave it like a flag eh? Because those vulgar rednecks ReformCons from Alberta are capable of ANYTHING.

But have you ever seen anything so disgusting? Or anything that better illustrates the contempt the Cons have for this country and its values.

Today Hillyer was claiming he didn't he mean to offend anyone.

"No offence was intended. No one who sincerely looks at the video and the timing of the video would think for a second that I intended offence towards victims of violence."

But nothing can conceal the fact that him and the other Con good ol' boys were screaming like jackals. Or hogs in heat.

Torontonian Elaine Lumley was in the gallery the day of the vote, and she said it wasn’t just Hillyer behaving badly that day.

"There was a lot of high-fiving and laughing," said Lumley. "They kind of turned it into a huge celebration."

Even as the precious legacy of these murdered women lay dying...

Oh boy. If foulness had a party it must surely be the Harper Cons.

You know, in a post today Steve V of Far and Wide wonders whether we have reached a tipping point.

Given that these Conservatives simply can't help themselves, given that I truly believe we are now witnessing the unshackled beast roaming in it's natural habitat, there is some room for optimism that a true tipping point will be achieved.

And I so hope he's right eh? Because our country can't take much more.

And I just want to say that I am willing to work with Steve and his Liberals, and the NDP, and the Greens, or any other decent Canadians young and old, to defeat this ghastly regime.

For as I've also tried to illustrate, in my humble way, unless we stand up together and say enough is ENOUGH.

The darkness will only get darker.

And our nightmare will only get scarier...


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    It IS extremely bleak at he moment....but this is what gives me some hope amid the massive bluewash that used to be Canada - say hello to the Canadian leaders of the future:

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    It's not that he specifically intended offence towards victims of violence, it's that the cons don't consciously intend things like this but simply cannot help themselves. It's inherent to their current nature and they're unwilling to change.

  3. Vulgar rednecks from Alberta? Can we please stop the tiresome stereotyping? Kindly don't paint my province in such a negative light simply because a segment of city folk are ignorant about firearms and use them to commit crimes.

  4. "A segment of city folk"? Could you possibly be more patronizing? Or more asinine? FYI, the majority of long-gun murders take place in rural regions. Especially in Alberta. Which thoroughly deserves its bad reputation, and which you've done nothing to improve.

  5. Rev Effect6:50 AM

    Hey WWU!

    YOUR province!? Didn't you lecture me for calling Alberta "your province" while commenting on an article back in mid-November sometime? What happened since, did you acquire some newfound connection to that greasy land under your feet or is this just another run-of-the-mill righty flip-flop?

    Didn't a guy in rural Alberta just shoot at a couple cops again recently?

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    WWU. Ignorant planted red neck FOOL

  7. Bina....thank you for judging an entire segment of the Canadian population. Many First Nations people I know would be disgusted but I suppose it's nothing new.

    Rev. Effect....sorry I have a life so I don't have time to search way back for some comment I made. Sure I probably changed my mind...I consider it a consequence of having an open mind. Yes, there was a shooting. I have RCMP in my family in Alberta thank you very much so it hits close to home. The gun registry, once again, did a stellar job of preventing this tragedy.

    Anonymous.....seriously? Is that the best you can do? You don't even have the stones to leave a name. Feel free to grow a brain any time now, pal.

  8. Ironic how the previous post had to do with bullying. And people wonder where the kids pick it up from.....

  9. hi anonymous...yes I saw that, and I was particularly pleased to see that they got more applause than the Con delegation did. I am hopeful that at least some young Canadians have become more politicized and will hopefully encourage more of their friends to vote. But we're talking about all those under 40, so it's going to take a lot of effort from all of us. However, I'm up to the challenge, I'm a very impatient person, so those slackers better get off their asses or else... ;)

  10. his anonymous...I agree with you, I'm sure he didn't intend to offend victims of violence. But his gesture, in a house of democracy, was crass and vulgar beyond belief. And yes, I think you're right, it must surely be in their nature...

  11. hi Way Way Up...You are from Alberta. You and I have exchanged comments frequently. Right? We almost never agree on ANYTHING? Right? But have I ever called you a redneck? No. So where would you get the idea that I am slandering all Albertans. I am fully aware that there are many decent people in that province, and all I was referring to are the Alberta Cons, who are the worst of the whole bunch. But in case that wasn't clear enough, I added a word to my post. Just to make you happy.
    As for your comment about the gun registry I'm afraid it makes no sense. One because now it's you who are definitely generalizing. And two because you make it sound that crimes don't happen in rural areas, and that's not right either. After years of trying to work out a compromise that would satisfy people in both places, I finally gave up. Now I don't really care what the other side says, and I'm sticking to my guns... ;)

  12. To be clear, I was referring to the criminal element who obviously don't register their firearms. As for me generalizing, turn around is fair play.

    And I'm sure there is plenty we agree on. For one, I have no time for homophobes or racists. I saw enough of their mindless crap back when I was at university. I also don't hate urbanites. Technically I m now part of this crowd. With cities, it's more of a "toleration with effort" type of deal. Some cities I loathe, others I don't mind. I'd happily take Montreal over say Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto any day of the week.

  13. Rev Effect10:17 AM

    I don't think WWU is a "redneck" by any means either, rednecks are a different sort altogether. That said, I was surprised to see you mention that you associate with First Nations people. My wife happens to be FN, and I do most of my work in rural southern Ontario (true blue Con land) and I commonly hear the most vile anti-native racism from supposedly good ole conservative folks.

    Maybe you're an old-school conservative, from a time when some conservative values actual made sense (i.e.. living within one's means, strong work ethic, taking personal responsibility, etc), shame that many of those values have been replaced with bigotry, religious intolerance, and war-mongering, amongst so many right-leaning individuals.

    How do you feel when your Conservative brethren behave with such hatred towards Aboriginal peoples and other identifiable groups, and I know this is not unusual in Alberta. I'm not judging, I'm genuinely curious.

    For the record, I think we make mistakes on the left too.

  14. Rev Effect...I'm not sure why you are so surprised. I've lived and worked among FN, Inuit and Metis people my entire working life.

    I'm not sure who exactly you mean by my "Conservative brethern" If you mean CP members, I'm in no way associated with the CP at either level of government. If you mean close friends and relatives, their political views span the spectrum. My one sister tends to vote Liberal, the other CP, a good friend of mine from my alma mater is a Liberal/NDP mix and couple Inuk colleagues from my Nunavut days were more conservative than I am. So it is quite the interesting mix.

    Speaking specifically about the CP's though I will say that I find it bizarre they champion property rights and freedoms yet really seem to muck things up when it comes to FN's property rights and freedoms. I have heard it said though by quite a few Inuit that the Conservatives (or at least the Mulroney flavour) have done a lot for Nunavut as relates to the signing of the Inuit Land Claim Agreement. I'm not sure I completely agree with that but I have heard this said on more than one occasion.