Friday, December 23, 2011

Chicken Lilley and the Sun News Bigots

If they ever make a Canadian version of the classic movie Chicken Run, they're definitely going to have to give the lead role to Fox News North's Brian Lilley.

Because not only does he look the part, with an absurd pompadour instead of a cockscomb, but he's as cowardly as they come.

A few months ago when he was going on about how Nycole Turmel was a "separatist" and the CBC was the root of all evil, Martin Patriquin made him look like an idiot. 

Brian has every right in the world to denounce radical left-wing fringe elements, real or imagined, in Canadian society. However, he might have taken a look in his backyard before getting all frothy. Had he done so, he’d note that QMI, Sun’s own press agency, which provides much of the content to the Sun chain of papers, regularly publishes the bon mots of one Jacques Lanctôt.

You be the judge as to whether Lanctôt qualifies as ‘radical’, based on his past: he was one of the driving forces behind the Front de libération de Québec (FLQ) and founder of the FLQ’s ‘Liberation cell’ that was responsible for the kidnapping of British trade secretary James Cross in 1970.

But so cowardly is Chicken Lilley that he didn't dare reply, not on his blog, not on the air. Instead he went after a softer target, Ontario's plans to protect gay kids from bullies. In a province where so many have died.

Kids like Jamie Hubley.

And almost got away with it until he ran into Warren Kinsella and got his feathers  plucked.

Good for Warren.

Now I don't really care whether Chicken Lilley goes after the NDP or the CBC, or any other adult target. Because his ratings are so pathetic, and he's only preaching to the converted. But when that miserable coward goes after bullied kids, I draw the line.

The time has come to hold the ugly bigot and his hideous network accountable for their actions. You can file a complaint here.

Or better still hit them where it hurts.

Write to their advertisers and ask them do they support a company that employs FLQ terrorists? And if so why do they hate Canada so much?

Ask them do they really hate bullied kids?

This isn't a partisan issue it's a matter of human decency. Stop the Sun News bigots.

Let the children live...

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