Friday, December 09, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Great Silence

Sometimes it's the small things that can tell you a lot about the country we are becoming under the sinister Harper regime. And how The Great Darkness is becoming The Great Silence.

We know about the big things. How the Cons have paralyzed the civil service with fear. How they're trying to muzzle the Auditor General.

We know how they're stifling debate on their insane Omnibus Crime Bill. We know how trying to obtain information from them is like extracting bloody water from a stone.

As they mock our democracy, and the rule of law, to try to turn us into a Banana Republic.

The instances of abuse of power multiply. “They’ll stop at nothing”, Liberal John McKay said yesterday. “It’s an elected dictatorship.”

But has anybody noticed how Lord Harper is going to new lengths to try to muzzle his own? 

I say this because it's been two days since the Cons held their Christmas Party. Last year they were only too happy to let the rest of us share their joy. Or watch Great Leader perform...

But this year not a word, or a picture, or a frame of video has emerged from behind those closed doors. There has been nothing in the MSM, or even in the Con  blogosphere. Nothing but silence.  

So most Canadians don't know what went on, what Lord Harper told the ruling party about his plans to change Canada beyond recognition, or even if he sang a song. Like Paint it Black, or Screw You Gently. 

Oh boy. Aren't you lucky I was there?

Yup. Rage against the growing darkness. Mock them mercilessly. And never let them silence us.

Santy...Santy... can I have a REAL Canadian government AND a shiny drum set?

Like Sean Quigley from Winnipeg has...

Because that's Canadian eh? And I want to make a lot of noise in my basement. And in the streets with the Occupy and anti-Harper movements.

Lord Harper can try to muzzle this country.

But I know a wouldbe dictator when I see one.

So he'll NEVER silence me.... 

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