Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Attawapiskat and the Shameless Cons

Woohoo. Excellent. I see the Con Injun Agent has been kicked out of Attawapiskat.

Attawapiskat band councillors kicked out a federal appointee in charge of overseeing the troubled band’s finances on Monday when he showed up in the remote Northern Ontario reserve.

Good for that little community. First the Cons reduce them to misery. Then they try to humiliate them

“It is incredible that the Harper government’s decision is that, instead of offering aid and assistance to Canada’s first peoples, their solution is to blame the victim and that the community is guilty and deserving of their fate,” Spence and her band council said in a statement last week.

After first trying to claim that they didn't know what was happening. Or trying to blame Charlie Angus.

Only to look like fools, and be exposed as LIARS. Again.

Attawapiskat "was always a problem," said Strahl.

"It was not good when I was there, and I don't think it's appreciably or any better now. That was well known, everybody knew it was a very difficult community for a bunch of reasons."

And Chucky should know eh? Because when he was in charge he couldn't even build them a school.


Our national disgrace.

Our poor native people.

Those ugly shameless Cons...


Anonymous said...

It would have been great if the Kelowna accord was implemented instead of thrown away like so much trash by the Conservatives. The present federal bureaucracy isn't structured right to meet the needs of these communities. Attawapiskat's finances are audited every year and more bean counting won't help. What does a management consultant know about running a community?

Throwing a pile of money may be helpful to the emergency in the short term, but there needs to be long-term solutions too. There are no positive visions from this government, not even when someone else has done the hard visionary work for them. As an example, they could adopt Mike Holmes' revolutionary idea of "Stop building junk on reserves" and come up with an Action! Plan! that will work in these communities.

Anonymous said...

i feel very bad for attawapiskat people :(