Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Religious Bullies Go After Gay Kids

Don't you just love crazy religion? They are always attacking each other, claiming that only their god is the real one. Spewing gibberish and hate out of every orifice, or blowing up their rivals.

But nothing can bring them together as quickly as a chance to attack gay kids.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim representatives say they agree school bullies must be stopped, but they can't condone a requirement under the legislation proposed to deal with it that schools promote sexual tolerance through gay clubs.

"To force, especially Christian classrooms or schools, to have homosexual clubs would of course be an affront to their family values," Charles McVety, of the Institute for Canadian Values, told a joint news conference. 

When in fact the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs have everything with promoting tolerance, stopping bullying, and are a last refuge for desperate teens like Jamey Hubley from Kanata, Ontario.

Who tried to start a Rainbow Club at his school. Had his posters torn down. And then killed himself.

How much blood will it take to slake the thirst of those wretched religious bullies?

When will they get the message?

Like this latest one from Emmanuel Perron of Rockland, Ontario...

Oh boy. H.L.Mencken once said this:

Religion is the greatest fomenter of hatred the world has ever seen.

And he was so right.

Bury crazy religion in the garbage can of history.

Defund all religious schools. Keep hatred out of the classrooms.

Let the children live...


Anonymous said...

We can expect more of this crap especially with the office of "religious freedom" that the cons have up their sleeves. Media coverage of that nasty Mcvety in Canada is equal to the Westboro clan getting coverage in the US, they're cut from the same cloth. What the media really needs to do is put the blood of the poor kids that have died because of their "free speech" back on their hands where it belongs, not provide a venue for them to spew their vile nonsense.

BC Waterboy

sassy said...

The moral ugliness of some of those who purport to speak for organized religion continues to flabbergast and enrage me.

What a cluster of wicked idiots!!!!

thwap said...

It would be funny to listen to these bigots flaunting how retrograde their superstitions are.

If only this was an episode of "All in the Family" and there was a laugh-track to accompany the brayings of someone like McVety."

Unfortunately, that sick fuck isn't a tv character but an adviser to our hate-filled despot.

They cause so much suffering.

Simon said...

hi BC Waterboy...yeah it was like a blast from the past eh? The bloated bigot McVety, an ugly rabbi, and the absurd wingnut Rondo Thomas. But you know although the media still gives those homophobes too much coverage, these days it only makes them look even more like LOSERS. And even that ridiculous Office of Religious Freedom is having its problems...

Check out that online poll. You see my old friend, it's taken too much time, and too many dead kids, but we're finally winning this war...

Simon said...

hi sassy...I think the word "purport" is exactly the right one. If McVety, that rabbi, and Rondo Thomas is the best they can do, they certainly are disgusting, but they don't represent many Canadians, and they've never looked more like LOSERS...

Simon said...

hi know once I used to try to provide a laugh track for everything the bloater McVety said or brayed. But then I realized it wasn't necessary, because just about everyone knows what a humungous asshole he is, so as far as the anti-bullying cause is concerned, he's the gift that keeps on giving.
But I must say I would have liked to ask the Muslim guy how he could share a podium with a guy like the Bloater, who believes that Muslims, and a Palestinian state, are threatening the return of his Christian "Messiah." Oh well, next time... ;)