Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kyoto and the Shame of the Cons

I could run this old video of Peter Kent introducing a documentary where he calls global warming “the greatest threat to life on the planet” and warns that the devastating effects of climate change “will be seen in our children’s lifetime.

Or I could run this picture of him returning from the Durban conference yesterday, like some shabby Neville Chamberlain declaring "There will be peace grease in our time...

After declaring that Kyoto is dead.

Claiming that we would have to pull every car off the road, or pay $14 billion to stay in the treaty. Which is totally absurd. But even if it was true would be less than we are going to pay for our shiny new prisons. 

Or I could tell you how Stephen Harper refused to answer a question in the House of Commons today about whether he is a climate change denier.

Even though his record speaks for  itself.

Or I could just run this video from these Taiwanese animators....

Because the shame is going viral.

The shame of the Cons.

And the shame of us all...

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Anonymous said...

That's right you libs should be ashamed of yourself, you did a lousy job choosing a leader a few years ag oand he got his ass whupped in the election, then a month later he got together with two other party losers and tried to wrest control of the country away from the winning party, then that leader fled and you replaced him with a guy who was even more unpopular than the previous guy. You're damned right you should be ashamed.