Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fox News North and the Phony War on Christmas

Well I have to hand it to the Cons at Sun News, because if it wasn't for them I'd never know  that a brutal War on Christmas was raging.

Although so far most of the reports flowing in from the front seem depressingly familiar.

More like scary Lezra, and the never ending War on David Suzuki.

Although the hairy hoary windbag Charles Adler has tried to escalate the situation, by spouting off ad nauseam about "self loathing white liberals." trying to crucify Christmas.

And even warning Santa to watch his back. 

But hey, that's why they call him an idiot, and them Fox News North.

And BTW I'm not worried about Santa.

Because I understand he's ready for ANYTHING...

Even though the gun nutz at the National Rifle Association have betrayed him cruelly.

Now I have to be brutally honest eh? I'm willing to celebrate ANY religious festival, as long as it doesn't involve shopping, as long as the religious don't try to kill me, and most importantly as long as there is FOOD.

So I'm quite happy to wish my Jewish friends Happy Hannukah, because quite frankly when I've got the munchies, I sometimes fear I might kill for a latke. And I'm STILL waiting for somebody to invite me to light a candle on a menorah.

As for my Muslim friends, I help feed the hungry month of Ramadan. They bring me delicious stuff their mums make during the feast of Eid, so I figure I'm the big winner eh? 

And when I don't know who is who, wishing people Happy Holidays seems totally reasonable to me.

However, I have to admit I'm just a tiny bit biased. Although I'm an atheist, I was raised to be a good Christian boy by my most excellent parents. And I am gay.

So when I hear the right-wing version of this seasonal classic.

I think I prefer this one...

Hey, hug the ones you love. Be kind to strangers, especially the poor and the lonely. Enjoy all that good food. Don't forget to save me some eh? 

And Happy Holidays everyone !!!!


thwap said...

Charles Adler and Ezra Levant spewing nonsense about Christmas.

It's enough to make me puke.

Jim Parrett said...

Heh. Harper's own "Christmas" card hates Christmas, using the generic term "Seasons Greetings". Indeedy.

Rev Effect said...

Great article, Simon.. btw, I see you posted this at 3:58 AM, a late night sativa induced spark of creativity perhaps?? hehe

Leave it to these jackasses to use Christmas as an opportunity to spread more of their divisive propaganda. I refuse to even stop on that channel, as I don't want to contribute to their ratings. I only wish I had a list of companies who advertise there so I knew who's products to boycott!

Simon said...

hi thwap...Yup. You know what the worst part is? It's so contrived. They think because it worked for Fox Noooz in the U.S. it's going to work here. Between that, and their absurd war on the CBC, it's just so PATHETIC...

Simon said...

hi Jymn...thanks for that I hadn't noticed. But now I shall try to bring it to the attention of as many Cons as possible, for I'm sure it will drive them wild. :)

Simon said...

hi Rev Effect...thank you I'm glad you liked it. But alas the reason I posted so late was because I was delayed at work because of a minor emergency.
As for the sativa, I don't dare smoke any at this time of the year. It makes me so hungry I fear I might make a pig of myself at the dinner table. I mean more than usual. ;)
And yes, it is pathetic how those klowns would try to ruin the spirit of the season, with such divisive nonsense. I get my screen caps off their internet site, so I don't have to boost their TV ratings. And I honestly wonder how anyone could be a regular viewer...