Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When it Comes to Gay Marriage...

Anything the Australians can do...

We can do...um...differently...

But then we got gay marriage and they don't.. 

You know how I feel about the love between English and French Canadians eh?

Ooh la la. Vive la difference.

And how a fence must never keep us apart. 

So it may not be a REAL heritage minute. 

But hooray for it anyway...


  1. You're a poet and don't know it.


    We posted that, and the Irish vid in support of equal marriage at DAMMIT JANET!

  2. Haha...sounds a bit cheesy but whatever. Love is love.

  3. That Heritage Moment commercial would never have been made under Harper.

  4. hi deBeauxOs...Oh no... I have been so busy studying for an exam, I didn't notice But good for DAMMIT JANET because the Aussie one was a classic, The first one to portray gay couples as ordinary people, as in doing the dishes. And I liked the other one too.

    P.S. I am a poet, but sadly these days all I can manage is "Hey Hey,Ho Ho, Stephen Harper has got to go... ;)

  5. hi Sam...I'm not quite sure what the Canadian ad is trying to say. But it works on several levels for me. And as you say love is love... :)

  6. hi Beijing...believe it or not I was so sleepy when I first saw that ad, I thought it was REAL. Until Seb took a look at it, ordered me to bed, and insisted on taking my temperature. ;) But you're right, if anybody in the Harper government had anything to do with that, they would have found themselves in Harpo's office getting thoroughly spanked...