Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to the Con Horror Show

Oh no. I don't want to frighten you eh? But has anybody noticed that the Con regime is turning into a real horror show?

Not only have they started calling anybody who disagrees with them a traitor.

But there was the rabid wingnut Rob Anders the other day, claiming that the only reason he nodded off in Parliament was because he was hit by a monster truck.  

But if you look at the tape, by the way he was opening and closing his mouth, it's clear he was having a wet dream about what he'd like to do secular Canadians. Or women who have an abortion.

And then there's Tony Clement who appears to be suggesting that he was abducted by an Unidentified Flying Gazebo.

That probed his inner cavity. How horrible. And extracted his memory.

But it gets worse eh? More like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Because there was Dean Del Mastro, squeezing out of his pod, claiming that the $34 the CBC costs Canadians is worth a whole week's groceries.

When it should be obvious that grubby Con requires a lot more than $34 to get him from breakfast to dinner.

Then there's little Jimbo Flaherty who claims that even if he goes ahead with his plans to slash government jobs, we won't go into a recession because he's in charge.

Even though the stock market is is tanking, the loonie is diving, wages are falling behind inflation, the housing market is a frothy mix ready to explode.

And one year from now we'll be fighting with the raccoons for a cold dumpster dinner.

And then of course, there's Great Monster Leader, slowly emerging from his pod, madder than ever.

Because you know he really is crazy, and he really does want war.

Oh boy. It's a real nightmare eh? It reminds me of the bad dreams I used to have after my mum read me this nursery rhyme before I went to bed:

Hey diddle diddle, Clement and the fiddle.

Del Mastro jumped over the moon.

Little Jimbo laughed to see such sport.

And the raccoon ran away with the spoon...

What? You don't like raccoon grub? Don't worry you will. Give these incompetent Teabaggers another year in power and you'll like anything. Or else.

In the darkness of Harperland to laugh is to resist. But this is the serious message: Organize, unite, take to the streets, stop those monster Cons.

Stop them in their tracks. Before they destroy our country...

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Rick Barnes said...

They only get worse. The gall of this government is not only appalling, it borders on fascism.