Friday, November 04, 2011

Don Cherry and the Order of the Donut

Well I see the Royal Military College has decided to give Don Cherry an honorary degree.

And is sticking to it's guns blunderbusses despite what this professor said:

"On many occasions he publicly expressed his contempt for many groups of the Canadian population, notably for the French-speaking Canadians, for the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) community and for the immigrants," said Lord's letter to the Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper.

"What message will RMC send, in celebrating Don Cherry, to the students coming from these groups? And what will the Canadian people remember from RMC, as a serious and prestigious institution?"

Good question eh?

You know I wouldn't complain if the University of Tim Hortons awarded that pathetic redneck the Order of the Donut. Because he richly deserves it.

But the idea of a Canadian institution like RMC awarding him an honorary degree is absolutely revolting.

But then the armed forces have every reason to love Cherry. His crass, vulgar, right-wing views, have brutalized our national sport, help make us a nation of  flag waving  goons and jingo militarists. And corrupted our precious tradition as peacemakers.

Not bad for a loud asshole. Welcome to Con Canada.

Yup. Don Cherry deserves the Order of the Donut.

And the Royal Military College should hang its head in shame...


UPDATE: Don Cherry turns down honorary degree. Now will those responsible for this farce please do the honourable thing and RESIGN...

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