Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Harper Cons and the Great Darkness

We knew that if he ever got his precious majority the lights would be going out all over Canada. But who could have known that the Great Darkness would arrive so soon?

They are turning our Parliament into a Con cabaret, braying like donkeys, stifling debate, and using closure to ram through one wretched bill after the other. Like their grotesque American-style Law and Order Bill. Tough on crime. Tough on sanity. Tough on Democracy.

The Quebec government derided the Harper Conservatives for fast-tracking crime legislation Thursday that is bitterly opposed by several provinces as costly and counter-productive. "This isn't a tough-on-crime measure we're seeing today — it's a tough-on-democracy measure," Fournier told reporters.

They are trying to suck the marrow out of the CBC, and dismember the union movement, to appease their rabid tea bagger base. 

Attacking unions and reducing their political and economic role has emerged as a central element of the Conservative political strategy. The showdown is coming because social conservatives want a fight with the unions.

They are setting off to stick another knife into the bleeding back of the Kyoto Accord, and grounding the opposition.

Opposition MPs had better hope for a seat sale if they want to go to the next round of international climate talks.

Environment Minister Peter Kent says opposition parties will not be part of Canada's official delegation at a UN-led meeting in South Africa this month

They are calling decent Canadians traitors for daring to speak the truth to Big Oil.  

Gawd. I know they crawl through the gutter on their hog bellies, but how low can these Cons go?

So with all this happening what story did our pathetic MSM go ga ga over today? 

This one.

Giggling like ninnies over Pat Martin's use of naughty words. Exposing us to the indecent spectacle of Tom Lukiwski lecturing Martin about vulgar language. He who was once caught on tape spewing filth about "homosexual faggots with dirty nails who spread diseases."

While failing to focus on the big picture, or realize that Martin's outburst was just the Canadian version of the famous painting The Scream. 

For a nation being lost, and a democracy defiled. And that millions of Canadians feel exactly the same way about this ghastly government.

"This is a f---ing disgrace ... closure again. And on the Budget! There’s not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot sh--."

And of course, so do I eh?

Hey.The way I see it we really only have two choices. We can be silent and complicit and live on our knees for four years, as our country slips into a soul destroying darkness.

Or we can stand-up, unite, organize, take our protest to the streets, and scream our heads off.

Two choices, but if you love Canada really only ONE.

Keep the candle burning, don't let them steal our country...

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