Thursday, November 03, 2011

Quebec City Moves to Evict its Occupiers

It looks as if the first Canadian occupiers to be evicted are going to be the occupiers of Quebec City.

Occupy protesters in Quebec City are facing imminent eviction after the mayor, citing safety concerns, said the area had to be cleared out. Mayor Régis Labeaume told the media Thursday morning the protesters would need to leave their site at Place de l'Université-du-Québec by the end of the day.

And all because of this guy...

Mayor Régis "La Bombe" Labeaume , that city's little Napoleon.

The pompous windbag who thinks that Quebec City, not Montreal, should be considered the beating heart of Quebec, and the Paris of North America.

When in fact, apart from its historical sites, that drab little village of civil servants can't even be compared to my great city. And La Bombe's megalomania usually ends disastrously.

The marketing guru whom Quebec City is paying $300,000 to help with its image makeover has given an early report: Quebeckers, he says, are “completely neurotic” and their “sadomasochist” relationship with “the English” means they will never separate from Canada.

“Now don't get angry when I tell you that you are completely neurotic,” he said in his presentation.“You are like a sadomasochist couple. The sadist needs the masochist and the masochist needs the sadist. … These types of couples last an eternity, they are the best couples, the most stable. You are with the English a sadomasochist couple and you will be that way forever.”Quebecers' emotional impulses toward the rest of Canada are part of what Mr. Rapaille calls their “primal reptilian core,” which he says constitutes the “code” that lies deep in people's subconscious.

Which needless to say went down like a bomb. And made Napoleon's retreat from Moscow look like a great victory eh?

My feeling is that if the occupiers are brave enough to deal with arctic chill of Quebec City, they should be allowed to stay.

Because the only reason the idiot Mayor wants them to go is because their little tents are spoiling his little Paris.

Down with La Bombe.

Vive Occupons Québec !!!


UPDATE: Police move in on the camp. 
And as I said:

Mr. Labeaume appears to have lost patience with a movement that he believes has become a blemish on the city’s image. “They’ve made their point,” he told reporters on Thursday.

Little village, idiot mayor.

P.S. You can send a message to the QC occupiers here. Solidarity is solidarity in English or French.

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