Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty's Ridiculous Economic Update

As usual he didn't see it coming. He doesn't know what he's doing. But goodness knows little Jimbo Flaherty is determined to try to fool us into thinking he's flexible.

"We will not be bound by ideology when it comes to making decisions to keep our economy strong and protect Canadians, their financial security and their jobs," Flaherty said in a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce as he delivered the economic update.

"We have responded to critical situations with flexibility and pragmatism, and we will continue to do so as situations dictate."

But only as flexible as a Con ideologue can be eh?
 So even though our economy lost two thousand jobs a day last month, he won't try to stimulate it back to life, he WILL raise payroll taxes, he's STILL planning to kill government jobs, and he's STILL refusing to raise corporate taxes.

Because, as you know, the fat cats scream like babies if even their toe nails claws are clipped...

Even though, as even Flaherty admits, they're sitting on loads of cash. But instead of using it to create jobs they're using it to fatten their bonuses, or snort caviar up their furry nostrils.

And the only thing he did that made sense today, as contemptuous as it was, was dumping his ridiculous economic update before the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, instead of Parliament.

Because nobody has benefited more from the retrograde policies of the Harper government than Big Oil and the oil pimps of Alberta.

Even though all that sucking and blowing is torching what's left of the country's manufacturing sector.

Employment in the country’s factories has tumbled to its lowest level on record, a shift that highlights the dramatic changes in the manufacturing sector and the impact on workers, particularly in Central Canada.

“Productivity gains are a positive story, but the sadder story is that Canada has been pricing itself out of manufacturing as resource industries’ success drives up our currency,” said Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at CIBC World Markets.

The good news? The Cons really are in a box. Postponing the big cuts they are planning to bring down the deficit, and kill government, means they will have to make them closer to the next election. And that will cost them.

And two, sooner or later the people of B.C. and Central Canada will realize that the Cons have been waging economic warfare against them, to favour the dirty oil pimps in Alberta.

We will be able to stir up regional alienation against them, as they have against us...for the last thirty years.The Cons will run out of room to grow. 

And we will DESTROY them...

As for little Jimbo Flaherty...the nasty Con ideologue.... he can claim he's fighting the deficit to save us all.

But who's pulling his chain?

And who does he think he's fooling?


thwap said...

I'm glad you wrote about this. When I read that moron saying how he wasn't bound by ideology or whatever, I had to gasp.

The only silver lining is that by acting like the incompetent that he is, Flaherty won't redeem himself or his thuggish government.

Like Limbaugh with Obama, I WANT harper to fail. We need to clean house in this country.

Beijing York said...

Sadly, the poison gnome managed to redeem himself enough to get elected - despite the hatchet job he did with Mike Harris.