Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephen Harper's Royal Blunder

OMG. How pathetic. More evidence that Stephen Harper wants to drag this country back to its colonialist past.

Look, if our ridiculous would be dictator wants to put on a pith helmet and pretend he's Lord Stephen of Alberta and Etobicoke, that's his problem. And it should remain between him, the voices in his head, and his psychiatrist.  

I mean goodness knows he's worn funny costumes before...

Like my fave, Hopalong Harper, the nerdy Sheriff from Toronto.

Or Chiquita, the Queen of Con Canada...

But putting on a cowboy hat or a fresh fruit basket is one thing, putting on a pith helmet or a tiara, and dragging us back to our colonialist past is simply unacceptable.

I have no problem calling the Canadian army, the CANADIAN army instead of Land Force Command. I'd even say it's about time. But this royal bullshit is absolute baloney.

It's bad enough that our Parliament is lorded over by some English Queen. It's embarrassing enough that so many Canadians fawn over royalty, like groupies do Britney. Or kids do their dollies.

It's more than unfortunate that some of our proudest regiments, like the Van Doos, must bear the word "Royal" and swear allegiance to monarchs who don't even live here.

But generations of our people had to struggle for the right to be Canadians not British. For the right to fight and die as Canadians, and this is a giant step backwards.

It's just pandering to the old who refuse to give up their nostalgia for a Canada that doesn't exist anymore. A Canada where men ruled, women knew their place, and gays were jailed.

It will alienate Quebecers and young Canadians, who don't give a damn about the monarchy. It will make our country look even more tired and boring.

And let's be absolutely clear, the only reason the Cons are doing this is to try to hurt the NDP, and pit English Canadians against Quebec.

It's just cheap divisive politics. We need less monarchy not more.

If Stephen Harper wants to dress up as an English General, or Lord Steve of Alberta and Etobicoke.

He can screw himself royally. Or dance like a dolly.

At this colonial ball...

But I won't be joining him at that mucky muck party.

Because I'm not interested in our royal past, only in our future as a truly independent nation.

The Canadian navy should be the CANADIAN navy. The Canadian air force should be the CANADIAN air force.

Down with the monarchy AND Lord Harper.

Vive le Canada !!!


Ck said...

You know, the more this BS goes on, the more my belief of "Never say the Bloc is dead" is reinforced. All I can say is, Harpercons & their cheerleaders, keep it up and the Bloc will have their raison d'etre again. Only problem with that is that they're no fun without Gilles Duceppe. I will so miss watching his facial expressions and listening to his zingers in Question Period on CPAC.

Simon said...

hi ck...yes I agree it is depressing How adding the word royal is going forwards instead of backwards leaves me speechless. A country with an identity problem going back in time makes absolutely no sense....