Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hanging Out With the Jack Nation: My Video

I wasn't able to pay my last respects to Jack Layton today. When I went on my lunch break the line was just too long.

But I did spend some time with the Jack Nation at City Hall, and once again it was an awesome sight.

If only he could have seen it. Watching the memorial to Jack Layton unfold at City Hall on Friday, it was hard not to think, “God, he would have loved this.”

Not just because hundreds upon hundreds of people came to praise him, but because they came pledging to carry on his crusade of caring and hope.

Outside in the square, what can only be described as a happening was under way. Scores of people milled around, reading the messages scrawled in coloured chalk on the paving stones, writing messages themselves, taking pictures of the impromptu shrine piled with flowers. The city has never seen anything quite like it.

Because if Marcus Gee was moved, you can imagine how I felt eh?

I understand that some right-wingers, like the pathetic nerd Ezra Levant, have been acting like pigs. Again.

But who really cares? They are what they are, they don't understand what's happening, and they are AFRAID.

While our people are gathering strength from tragedy, preparing to answer his call to change the world. And they should be the ones we are writing about.

I have written quite a bit about what has been happening since Jack died. About how he gave us hope and a mighty new weapon.

And no doubt I will write more about what I think it all means in the next few days.

But I leave you with a little video I put together with some pictures I took today, and some video Seb shot for me on his lunch break.

It's a little rough, because it was noisy in the square, but I think it says all I want to say tonight...

We ARE so much better than them.

Jack gave us hope where once we had none.

Canada has never seen anything like it.

And the writing is on the wall...


Anonymous said...


Kev said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this Simon I can always count on you to insert a little humanity into the debate

JJ said...

That was very nice, Simon. Thanks.
(And you're so right -- who cares what the wingers say? They're only trying to get peoples' goats anyway.)

Anonymous said...

"Committed to truth, compelled to justice."

Thanks for sharing this Simon!

Let's keep our goats - they are a useful animal:)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks I'm glad you liked it. I was sorry that beautiful little scene was marred by some ugly hissing and clanking.
I told Seb I thought it was Rob Ford farting out of the window. But he says the Fordzilla has been exhibiting some class for a change. And they say Jack Layton didn't work miracles... ;)

Simon said...

hi Kev...thanks a lot. That's a lovely compliment. I just thought it showed the kind of people progressives are. And why we absolutely have to whup the right-wingers, because they could NEVER be that sweet... :)

Simon said...

hi JJ...I understand the need to point out the differences between us and them. But sometimes I find it excessive and counter productive. Instead of helping to spread their ugly words, by plastering OUR blogosphere with THEIR shite, we should spend more time encouraging our side, and reading some of their writing on the wall.
Of course I say that, but although I'm trying to be a better blogger AND a better person, I do have some unfortunate relapses... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...Yup. I really like that slogan. The love messages to Jack moved me a lot. But the calls to change the world moved me even more...