Saturday, August 06, 2011

Obama and the Small Victories

The Republican Teabaggers hijacked his 50th birthday party. The bad news keeps on coming.

We're watching him getting greyer by the day.

He's under attack from the savage right, and the racial dog whistle blowers of the Fox Nation.

The disappointed left is threatening to abandon him.

So I think it's probably a good time to think about what it might be like if he wasn't the good people's President.  And remember his many small victories.

Like this one.

The federal health care plan will cover all FDA-approved contraceptive methods, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer screening, breast feeding support, diabetes tests during pregnancy, annual "well woman" visits and counseling for domestic violence.

Federal officials said the new guidelines, which go into effect by 2012, could benefit as many as 34 million women 18 to 64 years old who aren't covered for such services.

Because in an America torn apart by religious bigots and right-wing extremists determined to lynch the first black President, every victory is a big one.

So please join me in celebrating this one.

With the good people from Planned Parenthood...

Woo hoo. Excellent. I HAVE to learn to dance like that.

Obama isn't the perfect President. Who could be?

But he's still better than the rest of them...

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