Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They Didn't Call Him the Happy Warrior for Nothing...

He was the greatest leader I have ever known. His words will inspire us forever, and lead us to victory one day. And of course now he's a legend.

But one of the things I liked most about Jack Layton was that he was a REAL human being. Not a phony like so many other politicians.

And he could be so funny...

Can you imagine Stephen Harper being able to make fun of himself?

I can't.

Can you imagine Stephen Harper in a Gay Pride Parade?


But there was Jack on a brutally hot day, weak from his battle against cancer,  cheering his team on...

That song may seem sad now. But really it isn't, because his memory will survive, it will empower us, and lead us to the promised land. Or a land without Harper.

And I'll always remember Jack disappearing down the road with his horn and his rainbow umbrella. As the gay people cheered their friend.

Yup. He was one of a kind.

I've never been so eager to fight the Cons as I am now. Thanks Jack.

But boy will I miss him...


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Have you noticed that all the traits that made Jack so attractive are the ones that Harper lacks?

    Maybe Harper could learn a lesson or two from studying Layton's outlook and mindset.

  2. Please no, Torontonian. Harper does not deserve those attractive traits, especially if he robs them to be more appealing.

    Simon, Lorraine Segato will be singing "Rise Up" at Jack's funeral (Roy Thompson Hall). I love that song and I think it really does seem to describe his spirit. Anyway, the event will be open to the public (800 seats).

  3. hi Torontonian... I have looked in vain for any attractive side to Great Leader. But alas, he has none. And he couldn't learn anything from Jack, even if he wanted. Because Jack was a natural and Harper is a phony...

  4. hi Beijing...I only live a few blocks away from Roy Thompson Hall, but I'm sure they'd never let me in. ;)
    However, I will be lining the road and cheering as Jack goes by...