Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Stephen Harper's Toilet Bowl Diplomacy

It was never going to be a meeting of the minds eh? A former Marxist guerrilla who hates torture, and a right-wing extremist who covers up torture. And can't feel the pain of others.

But this is ridiculous.

What the article claims is that on Monday, while attending official functions with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Prime Minister Stephen Harper locked himself in the private bathroom of the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister while officials argued over protocol.

Gawd. How humiliating. What is it about Stephen Harper, foreign trips and toilet bowls? Does he take laxatives when he travels, instead of the usual tranquilizers?

What's he got against Dilma? And what's he going to do for an encore? Take the crass homophobe Giorgio Mammoliti with him to sniff out the commies?

Because honestly, with Cons like Harpy and Mammy, in this wired age, they're laughing at us all over the world. Which is bad eh? 

On the other hand.... Simon do you think we can now call Harper President Presidente Crapper?

No...no...I couldn't stoop squat that low.

C'mon.... are you shitting me?



Unknown said...

haha. we laughed a lot about Harper locked in the washroom here in Brasilia. really cool your post!

ck said...

No! No! No! That artwork you have up there; the one with Stevie on the throne...it's all wrong! He should be wearing a suit, tie and top hat!

Anonymous said...


I posted this comment at Buckdogpolitics.blogspot.com

Harper has his hissy fits and tantrums and causes scenes and rearranges furniture.

I've never used Harper's name and the term Prime Minister in the same sentence until now because he's not worthy of the title.

His recent action proves my point.

When does Canada get a Prime Minister worthy of the name?


Simon said...

hi Pericles...I'm glad you enjoyed it. But I'm really angry with you Brazilians. Who let him out ??????
The next time he visits you please lock the door and throw away the key... ;)

P.S. I LOVE your country so please don't blame me.

Simon said...

hi ck... are you suggesting that he use a top hat as a crapper? No, no, that would never work. It's not big enough... :)

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...thanks for bringing me down to earth. With a bump.;)Look I understand the man never travelled anywhere for his first forty years, so I'm not surprised that he's so gauche, but does he have to be so crass?
And no I can't answer this question:

When does Canada get a Prime Minister worthy of the name?

But then I'm so beaten down by the Great Darkness, all I cling to these days is the faint hope that Harper will start wearing diapers...:)